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Content is not a strange thing in our life. We consume the content everyday and we can see the content everywhere, even if we do not would like to see it. Nowadays, with the development of internet, we can seem to reach to almost content from anywhere around the world. The content is able to share for free or fee. The content creators have to spend their time to create the content and distribute it into community. That not only brings the entertainment to everyone but also adds the color to our life. Content creator is considered as a real artist.

The content creator can earn money from their contributed content through the content platform. But, to take part in a reliable content platform is not easy. Our content is possible to be utilized for other purposes, even worse is illegal business. Besides, we may not receive the worthy reward for our efforts. It makes us feel disappointed and decrease our enthusiasm to create the new content. In addition, we sometimes lack the data to have the innovative ideas to create the attractive content. We may waste a lot of time to wander in internet in order to acquire those critical data. Contents Protocol is built to solve these problems.

I. Contents Protocol

Contents Protocol is a blockchain-based platform which allows users contribute their own content into ecosystem and earn the rewards from that as well as providing the diverse content store to the content consumers.

II. Unique features

1. Consumer Compensation

Unlike the traditional platforms in which consumers have to pay for the content they consume, Contents Protocol shows us the new concept: Consumer Compensation. This concept is divided into 2 portions: Review Compensation and Consuming Compensation.

Review Compensation
In short, this is the reward for consumers who contribute their reviews for the content providers. These reviews become the data for the development of platform. The content providers need to pay the “data usage fee” to receive the reviews from the review aggregator platform.

Consuming Compensation
With this feature, consumers also receive the compensation by consuming content. Contents Protocol allows consumers contribute to the ranking and recommendation algorithm, from that other consumers are able to reach the best content in the platform. As Review Compensation, users have to pay to use the consuming data platform.

In addition, Contents Protocol allows users boost their compensation by activating the tokens. With this function, users can increase their compensation by owning more tokens.

2. Data Flow

Contents Protocol will build the data marketplace in its ecosystem to business the data collected from review aggregator platform and consuming platform. The tokens received by this business will then compensate to initial content providers.

3. License Fee Settlement

Contents Protocol will pay the license fees to the content providers according to the mutual agreement accepted earlier by content providers and platform. Due to the issue of cryptocurrency acceptation, Contents Protocol will offer the flexible methods to pay the license fees. The content providers can accept their payment in fiat or token.

III. Conclusion

Contents Protocol will be a next generation content platform, that builds the new ecosystem in content industry. With adoption of blockchain technology, Contents Protocol provides the open approach to content space. It will attract various consumers and content providers as well as create the motivation for content providers to compose the new and unique content by its especial reward mechanism. Thereby, Contents Protocol will contribute to build the better and richer content community.

Contents Protocol official channels

Official website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook | Twitter

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