CBNT - an innovative content-sharing platform based on blockchain

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Content creation is attracting a large number of participants because creators can be delighted in doing the work they like as well as increase their income. Besides, blockchain and cryptocurrency have made it easier and more convenient to distribute rewards to authors.

However, in current content-sharing platforms, only content creators are encouraged but forgetting the interests of viewers and interact with that content. I would like to direct you to a decentralized professional content sharing platform powered by blockchain technology - Create Breaking News Together! – CBNT.

What is CBNT?

CBNT is a content sharing community with the ultimate goal is a win-win situation, where both content creators and audiences are rewarded. Unlike other content platforms, users can "mining" rewards through interaction with content such as like, share, comment.

The advantages of CBNT

  • CBNT vs traditional platform:

In traditional content sharing platforms, content creators only receive donations from viewers through payment gateways, which are very complicated and time consuming; or receive income through third parties who offer pay-per-view or pay-per-click services, with unclear statistics and slow transaction; or even get nothing except followers and fame.

In CBNT, content creators can directly track readers' hits, interaction as well as expected future earnings. CBNT is like some blockchain-based content platforms, they encourage content creators by CBNT token. When viewers access and interact content, content owners will be rewarded.

  • Benefit of viewers: Unlike other projects, in CBNT, viewers are also encouraged to participate in community contributions. When viewers interact such as like, share, comment, they all receive rewards. The higher quality content they feedback on, the more reward they will get.

  • Benefit of advertisers: CBNT performs user authentication to ensure that people interacting with content are real people. Thus, advertisers will reduce the use of fake accounts to gain profit by content publishers.

  • Benefit of authors: CBNT ensures the interests of content creators by content confirmation function. All content on CBNT will be assigned a hash code and contain some basic information to determine the author's ownership. This information will be stored on the blockchain and used to compare the content created later. If there is a dispute, the copyrighted authors will preserve their rights.

CBNT token

Like other blockchain projects, tokens are used as the primary means of payment on the platform. CBNT token will be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. In order to own a CBNT token, they can mine even if they exchange it.

CBNT platform will reserve 6 billion tokens for the mining pool. "Mining" here is to participate in activities on the platform such as content creation, content interaction. Rewards will be given to participants daily. However, the amount of rewards will be adjusted and issued for mining every year, as follows:

1st year, 40% of mining pool will be released.
2nd year, 30% of mining pool will be released.
3rd year, 20% of mining pool will be released.
4th year, 10% of mining pool will be released.
5th year, 10% of mining pool will be released.
From the 4th year, 10% of the token stock will be released each year, and so on. Once all of the tokens have been released, the campaign of participating is mining is over.

It means that the sooner you join the platform the more benefits you will receive. Do not miss this opportunity.

Token information

Total supply10 billion tokens
For mining6 billion tokens
For investors500 million tokens
Price0.03 USD/token

CBNT will be listed on Bibox

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