BlooCYS – an ultimately Uber-like platform based on blockchain for consultant service

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Freelancer is becoming an increasingly popular trend all over the world. In the United States, where the trend of freelancing is the most powerful, there are more than 50 million workers in the country giving up a full-time job to freelance. Freelancing brings freedom to work and allows freelancers to be able to interact with diverse work environments. Freelancing also generated the huge earnings for economies. But freelancers have face to many difficulties such as:

  • Hard to seek a relevant freelancing in short time.
  • Delay and no transparency in payment.
  • Pay for many fees as exchange fee, transaction fee, ...
  • Pay to third party when using escrow service.

On the other hand, customers who need to hire freelancers or need the consultant from experts in their current problems also hardly look for the appropriate people as well as verifying the skills of experts. Besides, customers also meet other difficulties such as:

  • Delay in response.
  • Making the agreements.
  • Limitation of geographic.
  • Transparency in payments.


BlooCYS is a blockchain-based platform which allows customer hire the relevant expert for the consultant service via real-time video call. This is designed as Uber application that users, both customers and experts, easily to find out the most appropriate catalog for them.

BlooCYS Features

  • Real-time service: BlooCYS will provide the real-time video and chatting function for users to communicate and exchange the information and data alike. Recording video for future reference and training as well as video analytic function are also considered to implement.
  • Identity verification and Skill validation: BlooCYS would like to offer the reliable services and build the trust in both customers and providers thus users who participate in BlooCYS ecosystem have to pass the identity verification procedure. In particular, providers have to authenticate their professional skills.
  • Data security: BlooCYS can ensure the privacy and information of users thanks to the immutable and secure of blockchain technology.
  • Payment: By adopting the tokenized payment system, all payments will be performed immediately and the transactions also recorded in blockchain as well as to be traceable. The smart contract will assure that every payment is accurate according to the duration of service. In addition, all payments are in BlooCYS token, the main payment instrument of platform. Thereby, users will not need to pay for foreign exchange fee or banking transaction fee.
  • Exchange: BlooCYS will build the internal exchange platform in order for users to exchange their BlooCYS token with fiat money and vice versa.
  • Ecosystem: In addition to the services above, BlooCYS also offers other functions such as review and rating, dispute arbitration, promotion for provider’s services, API for partners.
  • Multi-platform application: BlooCYS will release their application in multiple platform, from mobile application, in iOS and Android, to browser platform.


BlooCYS will innovate the expert consultant service and open a new marketplace for freelancers. With the aid of blockchain technology and smart contract, BlooCYS has the ability to provide the more transparent, quicker and more cost-effective solution for freelancing market. From now, every expert is able to seek the relevant job to earn the extra income by their professional subject as well as customers may easily look for help from experts.

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