Banks and Cryptocurrency: Is a Peaceful Coexistence Possible?

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We can see an acute confrontation brewing between traditional financial institutions and cryptocurrencies. The most influential world banks now emphasize the importance of blockchain technology. They remind of its capabilities but simultaneously criticize bitcoin for its volatility, anonymity, and high risks.

A new battle called Bitcoin vs. Banks has already begun. The first months of 2018 showed banks beginning to take more active measures than just words and statements. Crypto-exchanges began to experience issues with banking services; many investors cannot buy digital currency using payment cards.

In different countries, banks and cryptocurrency have their own unique relationships. But each financial institution focuses now on increasing the protection level against the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

We’ve gathered the main arguments seen amongst banks in various countries that somehow do not want to see cryptocurrency as their hard-bitten competitor. Visit our website to learn how banks worldwide are handling the ever-growing presence of decentralized currencies >>>>

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