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OutOfTheCloud is developing a unique file sharing system, files and data are everything on the internet and computers, they are literally the base of everything on the internet and offline. There are billions of data on/offline around the world that the need to continue to protect and improve the way we share these files among peers are speedily increasing this is why we have a project like OutOfTheCloud to revolutionize the way we share files and data.


OutOfTheCloud already have a working file sharing program, this innovative file sharing project will use the blockchain technology to revolutionize the way we share data and improve the users' experience. This program has solely been used by private detective agency who use the system to send large sized documents, videos, audios and images without the receiver having to download the file before they can view the file.

Prior to innovative inventions like this one, receivers of files through cloud storage have to download files one after the other before they can fully access the file, this problem was identified by Matt D.Ballard who then partnered with a web developer Robert Keddie to provide a solution to this problem in 2013 they created a system called MyCaseViewer.com (MCV) which served the private detective industry to date. This leads the team to create a public version of this innovative program which they call OutoftheCloud.com (OOTC) with the intention of creating a fully decentralized system which will instantly deliver multimedia files.


  • Problem: Most Cloud Storage system put users file at risk of contaminating virus at the point of download.

  • Solution: Files and Data on the OutOfTheCloud storage system are stored in a highly secure and locked down folders, encrypted, parsed and placed all over the blockchain based network.

  • Problem: No Presentation most file storage services require receivers to download the file first which doesn't only put the file at risk of contaminating virus in the process of download but also consume the receivers time.

  • Solution: On the OutOfTheCloud storage system receivers can access the files and data with or without downloading them to their device.

  • Problem: Large Storage Space Problem, most files sent through file storage services tend to be large files thus the receiver need to have large storage space to download and view this type of files in absence of the adequate space required to store the file the receiver won't be able to access the file.

  • Solution: The receiver on the OutOfTheCloud storage system can access their files irrespective of the available storage space on their device.

  • Problem: Sharing Redundancy other storage services do not allow senders to edit the files after it has been sent, in a case where a user sends a wrong file he/she can not make corrections to the file after it has been sent.

  • Solution: On the OutOfTheCloud storage system senders can edit the files and data even after they have sent them to the receiver.


Unlike some other file storage system, OutOfTheCloud storage system offers a Client-side encryption, it limits share time, allows senders to send a personalized text to the receiver, it allows domain name integration, there are no Invasive programs to download, it has multiuser features/access rights, it is a decentralized Storage system, users have the ability to add live data to presentation, it allows companies to monetize proprietary live data which clients can drag and drop, it provides integration scripts between seller or client data (ex. Zapier) and OOTC so they can be placed in presentation/dahsboard and also it is free to use.




WEBSITE: https://www.outofthecloud.io/

White Paper: https://www.outofthecloud.io/OutCloud_Systems_White_Paper.pdf

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