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Hi steemians. We are excited to share with everyone here two locations that you will have a chance to meet our CEO Daniel Adams, our Business Development Director Chris Thompson and a few other members of our team.

We have previously had a few roadshow locations that we weren’t able to post here on Steemit, so apologies for that. We will be posting photos and short videos from each event though later on.

The past locations/events were:

  1. 15-19 January 2018- BlockHot Cruise from Shanghai to Japan to Shanghai
  2. 20-21 January 2018- Shanghai Sheraton Hotel
  3. 26 January 2018- Seoul, South Korea
  4. 27 January 2018- Daejeon, South Korea

Upcoming events are as follows:

  1. 4 January 2018 Taipei, Taiwan, Westin Hotel 1300-1700. Each group will have one hour meeting with our team
    Events Brite link:

The event is free to attend so if you’re around and a crypto, blockchain or Ethereum enthusiast, please join!

Our next scheduled event is in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We will post the details here for everyone once finalized.