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BTCx has officially listed on Etherscan.io --> Etherscan BTCx

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ICO BEGINS DECEMBER 11th 2017 14:00 (GMT+0)

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Pre-Register ICO!

Crowdsale Details:

Token sale starts on 11 December 14.00 (GMT +0) - ends on 10 January 23.59 (GMT +0)
Contact: BTCxTeam

Direct all correspondence to: contact@btcxproject.com

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I love everything crypto to moon if they are in the way of love and help human been to be free, and world can evolve like the way we want. I want you in my army Sman...


You are right. Above all it is the ability to overcome banks power... We need to be free. and we are not free in the office 12hours!!

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Bro look into IOTA its the future