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Join the many crypto investors who have already discovered the smartest way to invest for the long term by copying the 100 world's largest crypto investment funds.

What Blockchain Companies and Experts say about Us

FTM - Fantom Foundation​ - The World's First DAG Based Smart Contract Platform


Gian Luca Comandini - Owner of Cointelegraph Italy


How we do it

1. We track the Portfolios

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The Funds examined are located all over the world (Asia, America, Europe and Australia) and have been selected on the basis of their relevance in the blockchain ecosystem. All 100 Crypto Investment Funds we analyze publicly share their portfolios on their website. For example this on the image is the public portfolio of Blockwater Capital, avaiable at

2. We build the Database

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We transcribe all the cryptocurrencies on which a Fund invests on a database, doing the same operation for all 100 Funds analyzed. Finally, we sort the crypto by the number of Funds investing in them.

3. We create the Ranking

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A ranking of 100 positions will show you which are the cryptocurrencies in which the top 100 Crypto Investment Funds have invested. The Ranking is updated every 3 months, the versions of 2019 are: February, May, August, November. For example, Fantom (FTM) was at the 4th position on the previous edition, as they stated on their tweet about us. Which will be the 1st?

Which funds we analyzed?

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and 80 more.

Why you should trust a Fund

They are the best people in the world in identifying the most promising blockchain projects.

Market Check
They invest in projects that aim to solve the current problems of blockchain technology: scalability, real use cases, adoption.

Long Term
The goal of a Fund is to invest in projects that have the potential to become industry leaders in 3-7 years.

Why you need thecryptoranking

Read this letter before the download.

Like many involved in the space, the Bull Run of 2017 was an incredible experience to be involved with, and it created massive attention around Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. 2018 was, in our opinion, just the beginning of the Bear market and we have seen just some positive momentum as we moved closer towards the 2019.

2019 could be the year of opportunities, prices are low and we hear more and more positive news about the adoption of crypto. If you are one of those investors who has already invested in altcoins and cryptocurreincies at the moment unknown to many, thecryptoranking is for you.

thecryptoranking is not an investment advice, but you will find out if the best investment funds in the world have invested in your crypto, this could make you deepen more your research and relate more carefully to your investments.

​If you have not invested in crypto yet, our advice is to download thecryptoranking in such a way as to start from a higher step than the others, and then do your own research and deepen the crypto on which falls your attention.

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Download Now thecryptoranking.

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