How to get your CryptoHunt ICO contribution refund

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Please note that the instructions below will become active only once the ICO's date has expired: 15th of March. If you try to do this BEFORE then, you will only lose money spent on sending the transaction.

The CryptoHunt ICO didn't reach the soft cap. Due to limitations on Ethereum transactions and a preference for a pull over a push model (i.e. it's more secure to have people request their own refund than to try forcing a refund by sending to everyone), you need to manually activate a refund for your address. Here's a step by step guide:

  1. Open MyEtherWallet

  2. Go to the Contracts tab and enter cryptohunt.eth under the address field

  3. Paste the content from this URL into the ABI field:

    Screenshot 2018-03-11 19.03.30.png

  4. Click "Access" and select "claimRefund" from the list of functions.

    Screenshot 2018-03-11 19.05.47.png

  5. Execute this transaction from the same wallet you contributed with. For example, if you sent in Ether from a Ledger wallet, then under "How would you like to access your wallet" select "Ledger Wallet". It's important to send the claimRefund transaction from the same address you contributed with.

As soon as the transaction is confirmed by the blockchain, the originally contributed Ether should be back in your wallet.


That is sad. Don't you know why people were not that much interested in it at all?


Bad marketing and bad planning, essentially.

Very elegant way to present you, The truth is in all your words.
It is possible to get many useful examples from your writing. well done and keep it up.

Thanks for the info! You guys are pioneers...focus on making the best game you can and the rest will fall in place!

If anyone invites you to contribute to this, RUN. The owner, Sasa Srdoc, started a new ICO without the rest of the team and ran away with the money. I will be reporting him to the police.

I got lucky that I didn't have time to actually sit on my laptop and invest... but when I did then the website didn't even work so I'm glad I didn't loose any money.

I used Metamask for the funding, anyhelp with the process?

Yes, just follow the instructions. Instead of ledger select MetaMask. End.

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