What has already been done ?

in ico •  last year

The SurruS project does not exist only on paper. For several years we have been developing and testing our system so to get a ready-made working model.

We have created special search modules and automotive equipment, set up the production, developed and patented software, and set up a search network.

The project has already been launched in test mode in Novosibirsk. In 2017 Surrus equipment was installed on 50 machines. One car was stolen. Searches were conducted by means of portable search modules and the quadcopter. The car was found and returned to the owner.

In addition, the team of SurruS is always ready to prove the effectiveness of our search modules and to come anywhere in the world for a demonstration.

To scale the project around the world Surrus conducts its own ICO. On the 1 of April started the Pre-Sale which will last until the 31 of may. Thanks to this everyone will be able to become a part of a large project of SurruS by purchasing SURR tokens. Most of the funds invested in our project (75%) will be spent on further development and implementation of the system in different cities of the world (more about the development of the project you can find out from our "Road map" on the website https://surrus.io/).

The main and sole purpose of Surrus project is to return the car or its full market value to the owner in case of theft. We do not make loud statements – we promise only what we can guarantee to fulfill!

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The benefit is not fasinated for me, but completed your project is great!