ETHL - Ethereum Limited Edition (ICO) smart contract creation platform

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What Is Ethereum Limited ?

Ethereum Limited is a smart contract creation platform. We noticed that not everyone has the ability to write a smart contract since it requires some level of programming skills so we decided to make it easier for everyone to create a smart contract.

By taking advantage of the decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum Limited doesn't have to worry about the security of its users data.

Due to the creation of Ethereum Limited Ecosystem, people requiring smart contracts will flock to the Ethereum network - making it more successful. Lower transaction costs, faster turnaround, automation and immutability are just some of the benefits we offer.

Ethereum Limited is a clever settlement creation platform. We visible that no longer genuinely everyone has the functionality to jot down down a smart settlement for the purpose that it requires a few diploma of programming abilities so we decided to make it much less complicated for clearly in reality anybody to create a smart agreement.

By taking advantage of the decentralized nature of the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum Limited have to no longer need to worry about the safety of its customers data.

Due to the appearance of Ethereum Limited Ecosystem, human beings requiring smart contracts will flock to the Ethereum network - making it more a success. Lower transaction costs, faster turnaround, automation and immutability are definitely some of the benefits we provide.

With the invention of SMART Contracts in the decentralized ledgers, the business environments are being innovated in such a way that overhaul of the industries is in process. Although, Ethereum has extended the use of Crypto from being a means of exchange to every walk of life and way of doing business. Still, the concept has been weakly copied by some of the less known companies. But how can we know that the service provided by the Ethereum Platform is better than the others and why to opt for Ethereum SMART Contracts.

The list of the reason is actually too lengthy and will probably take many hours to explain, but the following list of the important points identifies and addresses a wide range of queries.


First of all, although a lot of SMART Contracts attempts have been made but the Ethereum Contracts are always more reliable and have remained to be a focus of the companies over the period. Ethereum SMART Contracts are multi-signatory. But this term is relativity different from off-the-BlockChain meanings because, in the form of conventional contracts, the term means the increase in the number of parties involved or affected by the provisions of the contract and thus signed by all the concerned.

In terms of Block Chain, multi signatory means that the contract is usually finalized between two parties but the other parties or network peers/nodes provide assurance about the existence and the validity of the contracts.

Features, profit characteristics of Ethereum Limited?

  1. Ethereum Limited is a very limited token located in the Ethereum blockchain. This is the token generated from the need. Do not interfere with external distractions and tamper with transactions.

  2. Ethereum Limited is a platform built on the current Ethereum platform vulnerability and gives users a modified version of Blockchain – with many features.

  3. Ethlimited allows users to run smart contracts as easily as repeating the alphabets. This eliminates the need for third party parasites.


ETHL Project

– Blockchain Technology

– Advanced Security System

– Multicurrency Coins

– Accept Fiat & Crypto

– Secure Internal Wallet

– No Contract, No Charge

Detail Ethereum Limited ICO Token Sale

Token Name: Ethereum Limited

Ticker: ETHL

Maximum Supply: 10,000,000

Token Sale

  • Pre-Sale
    1,000,000 Tokens

  • Ico
    5,000,000 Tokens
    $0.70 to $1.50

Distribution of tokens

  • 6,000,000 – Pre-Sale and CrowdSale

  • 500,000 – AirDrop

  • 1,500,000 – Bounty Company

  • 1,000,000 – Team development and reserve


For more information, please visit the link below:




Twitter :



Reddit: user / ethereumlimited

Bitcointalk (Bounty):

AirDrop: : https/

Bitcointalk Username: Herdi
Bitcointalk Link:;u=1939055


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