Goldilock: It's the Right Storage for your Data

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If it’s connected to online via the internet, it can be hacked any time” This is the basic idea behind building a strong security solution like Goldilock.   

What is Goldilock

Goldilock is a new type of storage solution. Three are some pitfalls in the current storage solution. In current context data is valuable than ever. The revolutionary method of storing data of  Goldilock provides security for your personal and institutional data.   

Storage Solutions that are available today 

There are two key solutions available for data security

  • Centralized - Exchanges, online wallets etc. 
  • Personal Cold Storage - Trezor, Ledger Wallet, paper wallet, Hard drives, safe deposit box etc. 

Both of these two methods have their own limitations or drawbacks such as data can be hacked, stolen or lost due to intentional or non-intentional incidents.   

 Goldilock solutions for consumers 

Private key custody  

For individual clients, Goldilock offers an encrypted storage device, which is stored in a vault within a secure data center. The device is always offline and physically disconnected from the Internet until you want to access the data.  

 Goldilock solutions for Institutions

 Cryptocurrency Exchanges  

  Goldilock online-on-demand system, curb transaction waiting times and allow successful handling of peak traffic periods. The aim of Goldilock is to offer an essential option both for exchanges who are currently providing custody and for exchanges that hope to enhance their offering by extending into custody for their customers.  

Online/Hot Wallet Operators  

Goldilock will offer hot wallet operators and custodial service providers to leverage remotely-automated airgap custody solution.  

Hardware/Cold Wallet Operators  

Cold Wallet operators can leverage Goldilock to enhance their existing technologies  

Data Storage and Digital Asset Security Goldilock will endeavour to position itself as an integral solution to achieving compliance with data protection security directives.  


Token Allocation  

Total supply: 1 Billion LOCK tokens 

Available currency option for purchase: NEO, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD  


Use of Proceeds  


Road Map  





 More Information & Resources:

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