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Today i will share my thoughts about upcoming ICO in Russia, which is called Russian Mining Company.
This is investment advise, but again it`s on your own risk.

Basicly they will anounce new generation mining hardware which would be 35x times more effective to mine bitcoin.
With collected tokens, you can buy this hardware later. E.T.A 10 monts.
( There are very high interest in mining in Russia and Ukraine )
Actual hash rate bitcoin power in russia is around 1.5% and they target 30-40% for the next 12 months.

#Cointelegraph :

So why you should buy Waves Now ?

1st Fact

Upcoming Russian Mining Company ICO announcement, which is expected late august, early September.
Witch would be fully regulated by Russian Law. There is very high probability to see this ICO run on Waves Platform.( i will mention some facts below )

2nd Fact

Sine August 1st price risen around 90%


3rd Fact

But even coin telegraph mention Waves.
So actually there are not 100% confirmation / announcement that this ICO would be run on Waves Platform.

4d Fact

It`s gonna be 1st Russian ICO under regulation, Vladimir Putin says he fall in love in block chain technology.
So we can expect high Media Coverage for this ICO.

It`s still good price to buy now, except autumn to sell when price will hit the moon.

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