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I want to introduce you to the EraSwap platform EraSwap has several moving parts in its ecosystem that are designed to turn its vision into reality for a certain period of time.

The Era Swap journey began with a study of the Kmpards team-the main team behind the formation of the Era Swap token and its ecosystem. The team determined that the current community as a whole needs a transparent ecosystem free of the average person where they can get paid directly without commissions from any employer. To create this platform for this world community, we came up with the idea of ​​launching the technological ecosystem of Era Swap, which will be supported the Era Swap token. Our unique token ecosystem defines time as a service and offers bot services for crypto trading and crypto investment plans. The first and main goal behind the development of the Era Swap ecosystem is to provide benefits to the public. This token is designed for "time to work" through smart contracts that can never be purchased. 5% of the total number of tokens will be available only during the sale period. This is the last and best chance to protect your Tokens Era Swap.



More often than not, most projects concentrate on one product, and as a rule they neglect the internal forces of ecosystems that seek to destabilize the ecosystem. EraSwap carefully plans to consider various aspects of the ecosystem, such as increasing demand, reducing volatility, increasing the adoption of crypto-currency, minimizing transaction costs for all users, etc. In addition to the tokens themselves, EraSwap has the following solutions to solve various problems in the world of cryptocurrencies.

DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE - this platform is completely decentralized, the blockbuster and the EraSwap native token are an integral part of the platform.

SAFE WALLET EraSwap - to power the distributed platform community, there must be a strong and reliable payment network. For this purpose, EraSwap will launch a wallet that supports several digital currencies and a high level of security.

AVAILABLE EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATION - to date, there are a lot of crypto-exchange exchanges, which prevents users from tracking rates on different exchanges. EraSwap will use technologies to deploy the bot, which provide the best deals for EraSwap users of various crypto-exchange exchanges around the world, even if they are not registered on these exchanges. If this is not enough, ComputeEx offers a 50% discount for EST users.

STORAGE OF TIME - then carefully designed "smart" contracts to reduce the volatility they reward users who have decided to lock their tokens in "smart" contracts in accordance with their periods. All rewards for EraSwap, 50% are given in liquid tokens and 50% through timeally within a certain period of time to preserve volatility. Timea is a very important part of the ecosystem, as it controls supply and demand, as well as the dynamics of the token.

MOBILE APPENDIX - blocklogy is an educational initiative of Kmpards, the financing organization of EraSwap. Locklogy is an e-learning platform, the course is specifically designed to bring students to the blockroom gradually increase their level of knowledge, so that within 5 years they can get the code for projects related to blocking.


The total number of tokens generated in the next 50+ years will be 9.1 billion. Era swap-tokens are pre-mined and manufactured under a fixed-rate smart contract in one block every three seconds. The new issue of Tokens is reduced by 10% per year. These tokens are distributed to all stakeholders in the ecosystem in accordance with their contribution. All distributions are paid 50% in liquid EST and 50% are blocked in TimeAlly and are issued on a monthly basis.

Tokens will be burned in three circumstances: (i) when the seller subscribes to the Time Swappers platform, (ii) unused Token Power, and (iii) when the borrower does not take the loan on time.

All unsold tokens from ITO (the original Tokens offer) will be placed in temporary smart contracts.


More detailed information can be obtained in the technical documentation, as well as ask questions of interest in the main thread of the forum topic = 5025979.msg45502457 or in the chat telegram
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