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Hello to all crypto enthusiasts! We continue to look for interesting and promising projects. Today I propose to get acquainted with the project "Argentas"

Entry Argentas
Imagine a regular mobile banking application in your phone, but it combines not only a regular bank account, but also a cryptocurrency account, decentralized local and external exchanges, instant international transfers with a commission of less than one cent, access to loans, global level without borders and obstacles in the form of institutional formalities and outside the influence of local monopolies. And all this in a simple and convenient interface, quickly, safely and cheaply. This is the Argentas financial ecosystem project. Its main goal is to make global financial services faster, cheaper, simpler, more affordable, safer, combining new functions with a stylish and user-friendly interface. Naturally, such a large-scale project will require great effort and money. The team is working on a development that includes first-class experts from the financial sector, experienced developers, designers and visionaries.

What is Argentas?
Argentas is a platform for blockbusters of a new generation. The current Platform is more than the same item, but they are similar to the “first Internet”. The first sites quickly die, providing opportunities for new, more advanced sites. Also here, Argentas is a new generation.

Argentas will focus on the actual flow of financial blockade work and the development of a truly new look at the selected ecosystem structure. Thanks to this, the tokens will receive additional prices.
Argentas solve the following problems:
Creation of new-generation cryptocurrency-friendly banks that make it easy to enter and withdraw both fiat and digital money.

Creating added value by eliminating artificial barriers that will undoubtedly become the basis of a new cryptoeconomy.

The problem of global access to financial resources. There is the task of eliminating injustices, for example, in the form of interest rates imposed by central banks: at present, in some developing countries, loan rates exceed 50% per annum, which simply freezes their development and makes them completely uncompetitive in the world market.

The problem of expensive and slow money transfers. Despite the fact that there are already many projects trying to solve this problem. And in the area of ​​international payments, the "dinosaur" Swift, with an ancient system of correspondent banks and an incredibly high commission, still dominates.

Argentas ecosystems include:

The network infrastructure in the form of wallets, decentralized exchanges, banks of a new format, cryptocurrency-friendly.

Decentralized Dapps applications. These are POS-terminals, applications for crediting, investing, searching for venture capital, identifying and assessing a client's reputation.

HYDRANET’s own blockbuster with a bandwidth of up to a million transactions per second, the scaling problem will be solved by implementing the Lightnig Network (Smart data system) and Smart Sharding.

The Argentas Exchange Unit Token (ticker AXU), originally released on the blocker Stelllar. It is planned to transfer the token to its own network, when HYDRANET begins to fully function.


The Argentas platform is developing a platform that will include exchanges, wallets and other interfaces within HydraNet. It will become a revolutionary technology.

DApp economy

Argentas is committed to using the network to create decentralized application economics that will work on trade processing, investment, identity management, credit scoring, venture capital, and lending.

Argentas has a fast transaction system with a confirmation time of 2-5 seconds as a base case. Most cryptocurrency can not contend with such indicators.


Transaction throughput is designed to accommodate at least 50-60 thousand transactions per second with a large number of studies in the lightning network.


The consensus transaction confirmation system is the main mechanism without work confirmation or participation proof, which consume more processing power and are less environmentally friendly.

Main advantages:

  1. The maximum waiting for confirmation of a transaction is five to seven seconds.

  2. The small amount of power required for transactions.

  3. Reducing costs through the lack of mining and network unloading, whose bandwidth is required on a much smaller scale.

  4. The network will be a “decentralized cryptos bank”, creating tremendous value in terms of cost and time savings.

  5. Quantum stable security.

  6. Easy and intuitive user interface that makes work much easier.

  7. Global finance will be democratized. Universal access is provided to everyone, and the bank is actually located in the pocket of each user, which ensures proper financial inclusion.

ICO details
Token Argentas Exchange Unit (ticker AXU), originally released on the blockchain Stelllar. It is planned to transfer the token to its own network, when HYDRANET begins to fully function. The price of the AXU token on pre-sale will be 2.5 AXU per 1 XLM, which is about 10 cents. The pre-sale with a 50% bonus began on June 8th and lasted until the hardcap reached 100,000,000 AXU. Crowdsale is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018, with 600,000,000 AXUs planned for sale.

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