The launch of the main EOS network can lead to a sharp rise in the price of the token

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After a period of bearish sentiment in the crypto currency market, EOS gained a bullish mood, rising to 13.46 dollars. As the launch date of the main network approaches, experts expect that the price will rise to higher levels.

Over the past 24 hours, EOS fell to $ 12.32, and then it reached $ 13.46. Before moving on to the current price, the coin overcame several more ups and downs. At the 5th position, it has a market capitalization of $ 11.6 billion.

The crypto-currency market is currently experiencing a negative trend, which analysts expect will persist for some time. Nevertheless, as the launch of the main EOS network is getting closer, the crypto currency is trying to get rid of the bearish trend and "run" the bulls.

The launch of MainNet is scheduled for the 2nd quarter, which is projected to take place on June 2 at 22:59:59 UTC.

For a long time, EOS works well in the market, leaving behind even the best crypto-currencies. Despite the fall, the Crypto currency still looks promising with an impressive 24-hour trading volume of over $ 1 billion, and now that its price is gaining momentum, we can expect good.

MainNet is planned to become the most powerful platform for DApps. There was a lot of excitement around the upcoming launch, which played an important role in promoting prices for EOS.

"Crypto enthusiasts from around the world are very pleased to launch the EOS network. This will be an innovative event, similar to which this industry has not yet seen. Alternative investors grab as many coins as they can, "said Mother Greenspan, senior analyst at eToro.

He also compared the coin to top-level crypto-currencies, saying:

"If bitkoyn is digital gold, and Ethereum is digital oil, EOS can be compared to digital real estate."

Nevertheless, MainNet is not the only driving force behind the price of EOS. Recently, the largest e-mail platform, ZimbraX from Synacor, which provides services to more than 500 million users, announced its plans to move to the EOSIO platform.

The potential cause of the fall of the crypto currency may be the accusations and raids of South Korea's largest crypto exchange, which has the largest volume of EOS trades. Industry experts and consultants expect EOS to hit the bullish momentum after the launch of MainNet, this will be a key impetus for the success of the crypto currency.


I love EOS ! I've bought it at around 5 dollars. What makes a great coin a great coin is not only what's on the white paper but it's the enthusiasm you find around it in its community. And there's a lot of love for EOS ! I see it easily at $100 to be honest.

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