TwoGap - the opportunity to acquire powerful and biggest-scale stop-loss product

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Every cryptoinvestor, anyone who at least once invested in the ICO, knows very well about the possibility of losing everything overnight. There are also projects that do not even go to the stock exchange. This process hurts the development of the critical world, many have stopped trusting start-ups and are no longer investing. The TWOGAP project, which we will tell you today, was created specifically to address this problem – it will insure our risks!

So, the main goal of creating the TwoGap Crypto platform is to create conditions in which any investor will be able to purchase stop-loss.
For those who do not know, stop loss (literally, with English “stop losses”) is an application on the stock exchange that an investor (or a trader) places in a trading terminal to compensate for losses when a certain price level is reached.
The project solves the problems associated with transactions. I must say, this sector of the financial industry is extremely sensitive, everything here is very closely connected with money. Within the framework of the Twogap project, translations are guaranteed to take only a few seconds.
The second obvious plus of the project is that the average commission with transactions in the Twogap system is lower by two thirds compared to competitors. In connection with the reduction of commission fees, the client, when using this platform, will have his income plus two-thirds of the reduced fee.
Therefore, this makes the Twogap the best platform for investors.

Features of the system

Twogap, based on the monitoring and evaluation of supply and demand is ready to provide a wide range of functions. This is a reliable encryption of issuance, and quality processing of transactions, and escrow technology. Within the system, brokerage operations, sale and purchase of bond chains are available. All bonds in the system are encrypted in CryptoBonds.


In total, the system will have a maximum of 210 billion TGT tokens. Like most new projects, the launch of the crypto currency is based on the ERC20 standard. Hard-cap of the project – $ 30 million 1 system token during sales is equivalent to $ 0.001. The new crypto currency will be needed to arrange the users with the keys necessary to activate the functions on the Twogap platform. Another goal of sales is the marketing of Twogap ideas, thanks to which more users will be attracted to the system.

Pre-sale. The stage will be held from August 31 to September 10.
ICO. The main stage of sales will be from September 30 to October 30.

How will all the tokens be distributed?

– 33% will be sold during two stages of sales;
– 33% reserve for “coining”;
– 15% will be shared by team members and advisors;
– 4% pool of bounty campaigns;
– and another 15% will go to research and development.

Site and Documentation

Website design is simple, but everything is necessary here. In the lower right corner there is a chat support. On the site you can already see the platform prototype and the smart contract code. All links work. Whitepaper is presented in English only, it occupies 54 pages. It contains everything you need to know the cryptoinvestor. Also on the site there is a one-page presentation.


The documentation indicates that the project has only 25 team members and 7 advisers. The site lists 15 team members and 6 influential advisers, among the latter there are also such stars as Nikolay Shkilev and Vladimir Nikitin. All specified project participants on the site have links to profiles in social networks.

Social networks

The project managed to gather around itself a fairly high level of popularity. To date (August 27), in the group of Telegram – 75445 subscribers, Twitter – 31900, Facebook – 27667, Youtube – 9239, Reddit – 2900. The team also conducts activity in Medium and Angel, Google+, has an account in Slack. Github has already posted 2 repositories. In the group Linkedin – 9 participants.


Market research and the active phase of product development began as early as 2017m. In May, a unique smart contract and a project site were presented, and in June – a whitepaper was presented. After the completion of all sales, the first issue of crypto-bonds will be held in October. In November, the platform on Ethereum Blockchain version 1.0 will fully work. In December, cryptobonds will be launched. The entire 2019 project plans to conduct an active marketing campaign, and in 2020 to reach a serious index – 0.5% of the global bond market.




Bitcointalk username: Goldendragon67
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1750295


The article is written correctly, the design-gorgeous!

I love this project! Very good!

great idea for developers! I support, I think it's worth taking a closer look at the ICO

Long-term vision of the project and an excellent team of professionals make the project attractive for investment.

Something new. Interesting startup, I will study White paper

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