RedCab - a decentralized peer-to-peer transportation solution to individuals

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The potential of the freight and passenger transportation market is great. Demand increases proportionally with the growth of cities and industry, and even faster. According to experts, by the year 2030 the entire volume of the world transportation market will be about $ 285 billion.

Today we will tell you about the blocking project in the sphere of peer-to-peer transportation – RedCab LLC. The business model of the project in the field of transport can indeed be called breakthrough. Due to the convenience of decentralization, the possibilities of the platform will be appreciated by private individuals and large enterprises.

The main task of conducting current sales of tokens is to make the centralized application of RedCab decentralized.

The essence of the project

RedCab LLC developed the platform concept in 2017, after its creation, before the sales began, the team engaged in an active market research for a year.
The main idea of ​​the platform is to develop our own Peer-to-Peer application that runs on the basis of AI, blockchain, REDC tokens, as well as smart contracts, so we will get a convenient and modern system for providing transportation services.
The project released a beta version of the application in late 2017. A distinctive feature is the international character, already in the first version the application was available in 6 languages.

Business model

An important distinctive feature of the RedCab project is the complete absence of commissions. From this, the passenger and driver win. How does the system plan to maintain its efficiency?
To achieve such comfortable conditions for users of the system, the project included in its work the technology of a specific form of advertising Geo-Ads.
What is the uniqueness of technology? If in brief, in order to output a certain advertisement to the user, it analyzes the history of the passenger, his habits and preferences. In general, the technology allows you to conduct very accurate advertising, to show what really will be interesting to the user.
Needless to say, RedCab will have a certain reward for conducting such advertising campaigns from customers of advertising.


The minimum deposit amount is 0.1 ETH. The upper lath fees are -24.529 ethers. The team from Egypt, in the same country, and in the US selling tokens are banned to create the project.

How will all the tokens be distributed?

– 25% will go to the reserve;
– 40% of the core sales pool;
– 15% share of preliminary sales;
– 7% pool of private sales;
– 3% will be divided by mentors;
– 1% pool of bounty;
– 9% share of co-founders and teams.

How will the collected funds be distributed?

– 6% of the legal costs pool;
– 11% will go to administration;
– 13% consulting commission and management;
– 29% marketing & Development;
– 41% allocated for partnership.

Pre-sale. The stage was held from June 1 to June 21, for 1 ETH it was possible to purchase 2,682 coins of the system. During this period, 15 million coins were put up.

ICO. Crowdsale began on June 22 and will end on October 15.
The established sales rate is 2,333 REDC for one etherium. During the stage, the project plans to sell 40 million coins.


The site can be found with links to the profiles in the linking of 11 team members and 7 advisors.

Social networks

In the official Telegram group – 26281 subscribers, Twitter – 19700, Facebook – 8468, discordapp – 1417, vk – 6. Cocoa is a good link. The level of karma in Reddit is 120. Many interesting things can be found in the Medium and the Slack project. In the Github 3 repository.


A total of 1 billion system tokens have been allocated for the campaign. Initially, the campaigns were scheduled until mid-August, however, due to the market situation, the holding was extended until October 15, and the project allocated an additional 100,000 tokens for the participants. Distribute funds as follows:
– 7% is allocated for translation;
– 5% of the campaign moderation;
– 5% support pool in Reddit;
– 5% Instagram pool;
– 35% of the YouTube content campaign and blogs;
– 7% share of participants in Linkedin;
– 7% pool of participants in Telegram;
– 15% pool of subscription campaigns Bitcointalk;
– 6% is allocated on Facebook;
– 8% Twitter pool.


The business idea appeared in early 2016th. And already in the second quarter of the same year, the development of mobile phones began. MVP for mobile devices was introduced in the 4th quarter of 2016, the team launched the application on Google Play, and in the beginning of the 2017th – the iTunes App Store. In the second quarter the site was launched, and already in the third quarter the first stage of investments began. At the beginning of this year the site of the project was updated, the team took care of creating its own form style. During the year, a number of important partnership agreements were signed. In early 2019, after the sales, the token will be flooded on 2 of the top 10 exchanges. Development of RedCab Dapp will begin. In the second quarter, a partnership with the airline will be concluded. In early 2020, there will be another stage of investment. The team will focus on expansion in North America. In early 2020, the token will add another 2, and in early 2021 – another 5 of the best stock exchanges.




Bitcointalk username: Goldendragon67
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1750295


The transportation market is a huge giant in which it would be interesting to see a project based on blockcchain technology, RedCab's promise of zero commissions and a customized advertising campaign for each user is something interesting.

Excellent analysis, thanks for sharing.

I have been following this project for a long time, I will tell you ambitious!

Very interesting project concept. Optimization and solution of the platform are promising.

I thank the author for the work, very sensible everything, immediately understood the essence of
the project, perhaps I'll think about investing

heard a lot about the team, they are cool developers

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