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One of the main needs of a reasonable person is communication with other people. Confidence among people is shaped by the “strength of the word.” If the above was confirmed, the narrator had a reputation, his word was valued. And, on the contrary, a person lost his reputation, was doomed to booing, if his word was a lie.
Nowadays, the concepts of rating and trust are firmly established on the Internet. People also have a desire to know someone else’s authoritative opinion about this or that place or event. Based on the reviews on the web, preparing for the holiday, you can draw a general picture of the hotel, resort or travel agency, based on the opinions of people who have already been there.
World statistics says – 85% of Internet users surveyed, often trust the reviews left on the Web. However, no one can be sure that they are genuine. Often, successful people who really have something to tell do not even think of leaving their comments online, because it takes time and can be unsafe.

Today we will tell you about Rateonium – this is a unique solution in the world of rating platforms. This project, which creates its Blockchain, has been engaged in the most diverse areas of the economy for the past four years.

Work principles

To use the Rateonium system, the company needs to pay a subscription fee and get a card reader. To eliminate the imbalance, large companies are distributed to branches, the large company itself is not advertised. The subscriber price in the first month depends on the number of branches, and from the second month on the number of users. This decision will give an opportunity to compete with small enterprises with large ones, which will create a more fair market situation. Large companies will be interested in good feedback, so they will encourage the project participants to reward programs.

In the application, a user-friendly, simple and intuitive user interface-here you can see the account, the history of operations, there is a Geo search by which you can see the nearest companies participating in the project. All users will have a system wallet and a list of individual tasks. Good reviews are paid for tokens of the system, they can be exchanged for a number of services of Rateonium partners. Say, writing a detailed, interesting and honest feedback about the hotel, you can buy a ticket to the cinema.

All participants of ICO will receive a card for free, after the completion of sales it will cost 20 Euro.
Loading reviews comes after passing a special algorithm. The process is completely anonymous. Then coins are transferred to your wallet. Reviews will have a rating inside the system, the higher the rating, the more the user who leaves the rating earns it.


The system will have two tokens, both created on the ethernet platform – RTO and RTC. RTC is an external token, its total emission is 801.703.971 coins.
The lower fee is 32 thousand ETH, the upper bar is 84.234 ethers.
The cost of the token at the rate of the crowdsdale is 0.000182 ethers. However, during the sales period, a bonus system is provided.
RTC (Ratec) – coin system for external operations, exposed on the ICO. For it you can buy and sell RTO.

RTO (Rateonium) – internal system token. This coin is necessary for the system of user rewards, it will be used to exchange for various services. Tokens are generated for each review. To ensure that there is no inflation in the system, the tokens will burn during the exchange.
ICO. Sales are from August 25 to September 25.

How will all the tokens be distributed?

– 83% will be sold;
– 7% for strategic partnerships;
– 10% share of the team.

How will the collected funds be distributed?

– 25% technical development (including creation of card production);
– 20% optimization of application development;
– 7% management of the data protection server;
– 35% marketing;
– 5% team share;
– 8% attraction of influential partners.


2.5 million RTCs are allocated for the programs (at the rate of the crowdsley it is approximately equivalent to 455 ETH).
A total of 6 campaigns have been launched:
– 10% subscription campaigns;
– 10% of the campaign of translators;
– 10% allocated to Reddit;
– 20% of participants pool on Twitter;
– 25% of the blogosphere;
– and another 25% share of Youtube.


RATEONIUM LTD was founded in early 2016th. Throughout the year, the creators of the project engaged in strategic planning and specification development, assembled a team of specialists and advisers, and, by the end of the year, acquired the first partnerships in Europe. During the 2017th, many important partnerships were also concluded, and a partnership network was established. The concept of selling tokens was developed at the end of the year, together with the fact that an important branch was opened in Hamburg. After the completion of sales, in October this year, a presentation of the working version of the application is planned, and in November ICO participants will receive the first cards. In December, the application will be available for download in ISTORE AND PLAYSTORE. The token will be released to the stock exchange.


As representatives of the company announced, after the completion of testing the project will be launched in 52 countries at once. The system provides a good way for advertising both small and large organizations, because reviews will affect the overall rating of companies. The possibilities of the platform are fascinating. ICO participants are given the opportunity to test the project ahead of the rest by converting the RTC to an internal RTO token.

Site: https://rateonium.com/
Whitepaper: https://rateonium.com/whitepaper.pdf
Onepager: https://rateonium.com/onepager.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rateonium
Github: https://github.com/orgs/RateoniumOfficial/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rateonium/
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4796158.0
Medium: https://medium.com/rateonium
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKbig5T5_aX4cFJidjTul9w


Bitcointalk username: Goldendragon67
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1750295


Good article! I'm interested in the them of ICO

An interesting idea is the basis of the campaign and I hope for great success! There are all prerequisites for a good growth of investments.

A cool project with specific tasks and a concrete plan!

the same type of project, I doubt, but good luck and thank the author

When the listing on the stock exchanges and on what? Looks interesting.

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