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According to a study by the American Association of Sports Fishing about 60 million US residents annually spend about 46 billion on amateur fishing. Together with additional costs for housing, transport, etc., fishermen in the United States spend about $ 115 billion annually. But there are plenty of amateur fishing in other parts of the world, as well as residents and guests of Japan, South Africa, Australia, South America and Scandinavia. According to the research, the world revenue of the sport fishing business grows by approximately 3.5% annually.
The project of profish, about which we will tell today – the first blockbuster-stratap, entering the market of sport fishing. The creators promise us a unique platform with their benefits for both sellers of gear, and for ordinary fishermen.

Principle of operation

The platform will include three services: Online Tournaments (online tournaments), Online Marketplaces (specialized convenient decentralized Internet market) and a flexible system of rewards (Reward Systems). Let’s analyze them in more detail.

Online Tournaments

Today, it’s not easy to surprise seasoned anglers with an online tournament. The advantage of the project over others is a block system, thanks to which all user interactions will be safe, and all commissions are scanty.

Online Marketplaces

Within the project, any participant will be able to sell, buy and exchange fishing equipment for system tokens. At the moment the team is negotiating with suppliers of goods and sellers about the possibility of trading gear for crypto currency.

Reward Systems

Most fishermen get connected with specific retailers for a long time because of bonus programs, discounts to regular customers. However, the system offers us transparency – all users can see in one place a lot of offers from different stores, and allocate the most convenient ones.


The name of the new currency is FISH. A total of 985 million tokens will be issued. Token is produced on the etherium platform. Exact dates of sales are not specified.

How will all the tokens be distributed?

– 20% will be sold during public sales;
– 19.08% project team pool;
– 12% allocated to the bounty;
– 20% of tokens go to the reserve;
– 10% of funds for operating expenses of IT infrastructure;
– 3% pool of advisers;
– and another 15.92% will spend on organizing fundraising.

Site and Documentation

The web page of the project contains rather laconic information about the project, there are no legal aspects here. Also there is no legal address of the company, although it is clear that the project is designed primarily for residents of the United States. For communication with representatives of the company, in addition to personal links, team members and social workers. networks on the site there is quite an original application form. Whitepaper – only in English, takes 8 pages. There is no description of the technical part here.


on the site there are 7 members of the team, under each of them there is a description and links to the social network or mail.

Social networks

At the moment (August 28) the project is still at the earliest stage of development of activity in social networks. In the group of Telegram – 245 subscribers, in Instagram – 16, Facebook – 192, Twitter – 165.

The campaigns were launched on August 26, and they will end on October 29. In total, 12% of the total number of coins were allocated for campaigning. Distribute funds as follows:
– 20% subscription campaigns;
– 13% pool of articles;
– on 18% it is allocated on Twitter and on Facebook;
– 5% special community campaign ProFish;
– 18% is allocated on Youtube;
– 8% of the Telegram pool.


Listing on the stock exchange is planned already in the 3rd quarter of the year (already now the project is on Mercatox). Recently, online tournaments have been launched. In the 4 th quarter, the marketplace will start working. Within 2-3 quarters of next year, the platform will integrate with partners.


The project is still at an early stage of development, and the information provided on the website and in the document is still rather damp. At the same time, the project team looks quite confident, it is actively communicating with all comers in all popular social networks. 12% on the bounty is a generous disposition of funds, however, such a powerful investment can quickly bring the project to the proper level of the popularity. And, of course, profish stands out from the multitude of its other unique ideas, and this is the most important thing.




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Successful crypto project in 2018

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везет тому кто везет как говорится. огонь

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