One Game - a decentralized virtual world built on top of blockchain technology, the first of its kind

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Today many advanced companies are trying to give serious attention to developments in the field of VR technologies; among them, for example, there are such titans of the market as HTC, Facebook, SONY and Microsoft. Virtual reality offers users a wide range of possibilities, which you could only dream of earlier.
And the effective interaction of blocking technologies with developments in the VR sphere can create something incredible at all – real decentralized virtual worlds! The ONE GAME project, which we will tell you today, is designed to combine the best and modern technologies in one platform.

So, in the plans of the One Game project – the formation of a unique decentralized platform for the virtual world, using AI technologies. All users of the platform will build their own world, and for its creation a number of simple tools will be available.

Within the framework of the platform there will be many so-called lands. Inside each of them, both players and developers can create their own virtual world. Each player will have a personal character (or AVATAR), reliably attached to the wallet.
By default, when registering an avatar, the player is offered two options – Adam or Eva. The character will be able to change the appearance, behavior and even intelligence.
With one avatar you can play different games on different lands. In addition, the platform will be and characters without players (NPC). They will work thanks to AI.
The internal system token (OGT) is necessary for users to purchase various digital resources required by the user for the avatar.
All visualized objects in the artificial world of the platform are game assets. All of them are divided into free and paid, the latter can be purchased from the Asset Store. Developers have ample opportunities – you can create and distribute (as a charge, and for free) various items.


The total capitalization of the coin is 10 billion OGT tokens. The price of the token during the sales period is 0.0075 US dollars per unit. You can buy tokens for ETH, the minimum amount to buy is 0.2 etherium. The top project fee is $ 15 million. The project is being developed in the US and is banned for residents of China, Singapore, South Korea and the United States.
The token is created on the etherium blockchain, but after passing through all the tests the platform will smoothly and almost imperceptibly move to the platform from DeepBrain Chain.
ICO. The main period of sales runs from July 20 to August 20.

How will all the tokens be distributed?

– 20% share of public sales;
– 20% pool of private sales;
– 16% share of the team and advisers;
– 14% for the development of the main game;
– 30% incentive program pool.

Distribution of investments:

– 40% for product development;
– 10% legal issues;
– 25% will spend on marketing and reward system;
– 25% pool of operating expenses.


Among the team of the project, at least 14 high-level developers are involved, among them there are programmers with years of experience in Google and Microsoft, and there are experienced financiers from Wall Street.

Social networks

At this point in time (August 16) the project is at the stage of active promotion. In the group of Telegram – 9218 subscribers, Twitter – 5554, Facebook – 647, Medium – 350, Reddit – 100. The Github profile of the project already has a lot of developments presented in 4 repositories, here there is a smart contract. The profile level in bitcointalk is the Hero Member.


A total of 150 thousand dollars will be spent on campaigning. The campaigns began on July 21 and will end on August 20. Distribution of funds:
– 15% subscription campaigns;
– 20% campaign pool in Youtube;
– 20% of the blogosphere (of which 15% for quality reviews on participants’ personal resources and 5% for blogs in Medium and Steamit);
– 35% allocated to social networks (15% of them to Telegram, 20% – to Twitter);
– 10% is allocated to translators and moderators.


The idea of ​​the project began to be developed in the 4th quarter of 2017, and, already in the first months of this year developers took up the creation of the ONE GAME platform and documentation. After all sales in 2-3 quarters of the year, according to plan – launch of the beta version of Wild Field. At the end of the year version 1.0 of Muddy Farm will be launched, the team will announce the creation of its fundamental world. In early 2019, the project will launch version 2.0 of Light City, and, in the second quarter of the year, version 3.0 Dream Land, a system with a self-developing AI, where the world will be freely managed by all users.


The creators of the project are very far-sighted people, gathering strong professionals, influential partners and investors around them, they are working on a truly promising product. After all, it is obvious that with the development of technology, most people will happily start moving into the virtual world.




Bitcointalk username: Goldendragon67
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1750295


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