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Anyone who has even superficially heard about mining will answer you with a question: what is the main problem for the organization of a mining farm – the cost of electricity. Are there ways to make it cheaper? Such a question, of course, is set both by beginners in this business, and by experienced “miners”. Today we will tell you about the project Nebula AI, created specifically to solve this problem.

So, what is Nebula AI? This is a blockchain with the use of AI technologies. Platform technologies are designed to help miners save electricity. The platform incorporates technologies such as DAI (symbology DApps and AI) and PoW algorithms.
The latest inventions in the world of blockchain open up to us, simple users, great opportunities. Absolutely any actions in the system are recorded. Electricity is saved, in fact, thanks to the introduction of AI into the work of GPUs. By the way, the creators of the project in parallel with the project also launched an educational center for AI in Canada.
The project’s capabilities will enable the use of mining capacities for training AI and storing information. Also, developers are planning to use the power for big data analysis. In other words, video cards of tokens will teach AI.


The construction of the decentralized blockchain system of the system occurred on the basis of acute problems in the mining industry. The lack of computational power for analysis is palpable. What can not be said about mining – in fact, there is no practical sense in it, but simply a huge amount of “iron” is involved.
Nebula AI is difficult to compare with anything else, because the project is really unique. Within the framework of the platform, the development of tokens is harmoniously combined with useful computations within the network. The principle of operation is the same as the PoW algorithm in Ethereum. However, there is a key difference – the computational power here is not used to simply calculate hashes, but do a useful thing – they are trained by AI. To train artificial intelligence requires large resources. The cost of a unit of energy in the chain will be much less.
In the very near future, in September, according to the plan for the project, the transition of NBAI tokens to its own block chain.

Orion (PoG)

The system will use a completely new algorithm – the proof of the group (PoG). Due to its implementation, the computational efficiency will grow, because technology reduces the cost of communication.

Development team

The head office of the developers of the platform is in Montreal (Canada), however, a lot of highly qualified specialists from East Asia are involved in the project. A total of 20 team members and 10 advisors are listed on the site, all of them have links to profiles in social. networks.

On cooperation in the field of genetic engineering

In mid-July, Nebula AI team made an important deal with Company Allwegene. The main goal of the cooperation is the joint planning of the construction of a unique genetic and blockchain facility in Guizhou province. The technology of the project will allow scientists to create a huge database of genes, as well as engage in effective research in the field of genetic engineering.

Site and Documentation

Information on the project page is submitted very harmoniously. The company’s web page is available in 4 world languages. At the beginning of the site a link to the demo version of the platform is posted. The technical document is presented in 5 world languages. In Russian it contains 58 pages. The document is very informative, the entire technical part of the platform is very detailed here, and a lot of space is given to the team.


25 million NESC tokens were allocated by the company for bounty programs. The project launched a post-ico bounty campaign, because the sales phase has long since ended.

Distribution of tokens allocated to the bounty:

– 40% of the soc. media campaign;
– 30% campaign content;
– 10% is allocated to Telegram;
– 10% post-ICO (translations, error detection and suggestions for their correction);
– 10% of the signature in Bitcointalk.

Social networks

The team is active in all major social networks and has already managed to gather around itself a solid community. At the moment (August 23), in the Telegram group – 5600 subscribers, Twitter – 1671, Facebook – 1053. A big plus for the team can be called transparency – the team was not afraid to put on Github most of their developments. A lot of attention is paid to the blog in the Medium and the profile in Reddit. On the Youtube channel at the moment – 86 subscribers and 12 videos.

The main advantages of the project:

– your hash power you can use for computations;
– AI allows you to quickly deploy decentralized applications;
– According to the team, using a system with an Amazon processor to spend energy will be 30% less.


The project successfully carried out sales in early 2018, and launched a test network Helix. In mid-August, it was announced the successful completion of benchmark performance tests for the direction of AI training for all types of mining facilities. At the moment, active work is under way to improve the Orion Ledger system. Officially, the preliminary version of the test network Orion Testnet is planned to be submitted early next year. And already in the third quarter will be deployed 10 applications DAI on Orion. In the beginning of 2020 the team plans to increase this figure 5 times, and in the third quarter of the same year to bring the figure to 500.


The project brought together a very strong team of professional programmers. The roadmap presented on the site speaks in favor of the project. Blockchains based on AI are an innovation in the field of crypto-currency technologies. In this area there is still no project with a lot of experience. However, do not forget that a lot of projects are already known for combining AI and cryptography.



Bitcointalk username: Goldendragon67
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1750295


Ну посмотрим. Похожие проекты есть уже на рынке. Если команда отличится то успех будет.

Very interesting project concept. Optimization and solution of the platform are promising. In simple words, I was interested.

Wow, what ambitions, let's see what will come of it

author, I really like your pitch, continue in the same spirit. The project is good,
thanks to you now I will study it more carefully, for possible investment.

the same type of project, I doubt, but good luck and thank the author

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