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Over the past years, hundreds of cryptocurrency projects have appeared. In order to stand out from the crowd of crypto currency exchange are committed to high velocity of transactions per second. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to implement the plan. Many exchanges today do not get interested in any beginners or professional traders.

Masternet seeks out blockchain projects that showed success at the initial stage and tries to help develop their communities. Helping projects, representatives of Masternet discuss the possibility of a mutually beneficial merger of networks.


Masternet is a unique innovation related to the Akasic domain. Projects combine to achieve common goals. The Masternet project is interested in maintaining life, rehabilitation of really worthy projects.

Masternet is not only a platform that creates conditions for effective communication on behalf of Akasic. It will arouse users ‘ interest in activity, participate in the vision of the Akasic network using the combined MASH token. So that the users, becoming part of the system, will be able to engage in trading operations. Eventually, sooner or later, Masternet plans to become a global platform.

The project will stimulate its community, both with a share of the profits of The akasic ecosystem, and with revenues integrated with the project network. First of all, income will come from transaction fees paid to MASH by community members. In the second place will be charges fees for conversion crypto-currencies, the fee for listing products, advertising and marketing products. The resulting profit can then be distributed to the holders of the MASH.

To date, the system’s cryptocurrency has already appeared on at least two exchanges: and STEX.

Akasic network helps beginners to learn the features of the world of cryptocurrencies, here you can learn and discuss investment options, trade, make a profit, borrow money and invest them from anywhere in the world. Akasic combined algorithms of cryptoexchange and social networks with payment gateways promising to increase traders ‘ profits as well as their own profits from all transactions. In addition to working on the trading volume, Akasic Network also pays attention to the speed and efficiency of their respective engine to meet all the requirements of traders.

Akasic made a real splash in the cryptographic world with a fresh look at the training of beginners. Here, two different types of traders can move freely – and those who are doing well (marginal trading, trading games, trading tools) and those who are “making ends meet” (virtual help, trading funds, copy trading), as they used to provide the necessary assistance and freedom without compromising the stability and capabilities of the system.

Akasic Global platform is a unique combination of the best of AI technologies and the latest developments in the field of Blockchain. Developed this no where else but in the wall panel, the Top (South Korea).

Akasic Global Ecosystem

– Akabot: this is AI, a unique intelligent consultant whose work is based on the data left by the user; it will be able to be an excellent adviser on market trends, optimize the profit optimization team.
– Akamess. The technology is a multi-channel connection of the social community. networks, integrated into the exchange, connection of users for interaction, including lightning support team. With the help of this assistant you will be able to make money transfers, make loans and send encrypted assets.
– Akatrade: helps users trade coin transactions to trade at serious speeds. The development helps the system to reach millions of transactions per second, so users can respond quickly to market fluctuations.

Social networks

At the moment (October 15) the team is quite popular among Internet users. The official group in Telegram – 13172 subscribers, Twitter – 1056 people, Facebook – 15294. The channel on Youtube – 59 subscribers, posted a lot of useful descriptive videos.


Project planning began in the 1st quarter of 2018, and in the second the creators of the project took up the conclusion of partnerships. The second half of the year – the launch of the project and the rapid growth of the community, after which, at the beginning of next year – the integration of the ecosystem.


The MASH coin was developed on the ERC 20 Ethereum platform. You can buy MASH for ETH.

How will all tokens be distributed?
– 50% (100 million tokens) development pool, of which 50 million coins for product development, 30 million for building a trading network and 20 million tokens for partnerships;
– 40% (80 million tokens) share of the team and advisors;
– 10% (20 million tokens) of the main partners ‘ pool.


In total, 500 million tokens were allocated for campaigns. All rewards will be paid within 30 days after the end of the program, except, of course, Airdrop. Allocation of funds:
– 10% Airdrop program;
– 20% social networks (Facebook and Twitter);
– 20% share of articles;
– 20% pool of overview and descriptive videos;
– 30% unique campaign of photo and video content.


Masternet aims to facilitate the development and use of blockchain by merging successful communities capable of supporting all kinds of blockchain projects, and, at the same time, bring benefits to users. The second important task of the Masternet project is the development of its blockchain, support for Akasic (global exchange). The growing popularity of the platform will be actively stimulated by MASH (system tokens), which will certainly give the project the opportunity to develop quickly.

Whitepaper Masternet:
Whitepaper Akasic:



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I became interested in this project, I saw competitors in this field, but this project inspired me more. I will definitely participate and hopefully, earn good money.

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