ICOVO is the world’s first and only ICO platform that can actualize healthy ICOs

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Today, we all know about fraudulent ICO projects. These projects seriously damage the development of cryptoworld, because they undermine the faith of investors. However, the advantages of blockchain technologies are obvious, and their introduction into our lives is inevitable.

ICOVO is a large-scale global standard for the latest generation for ICO platforms. The project will not only protect us from the scaffolds, but will also promote the introduction of innovative solutions, in the sphere associated with the blockchain. The main objectives of the project: to protect investors from scammers, to increase the level of reliability, as well as to expand the capabilities of participants in cryptology.

Within the system, a completely unique smart contract of DAICOVO’s own development will operate, based on the DAICO concept. The platform offers us a decentralized solution, which should protect us from scammers.

The mechanism of work

Within the framework of the platform, a transparent evaluation system will work: investigate the history of activity in the social networks, updating information in GitHub. The system will also monitor the implementation of the roadmaps. The creators of the project use IPFS technology, created specifically to protect against the plagiarism of the technical part. Thanks to the system, investors can always monitor all stages of the ICO.

Based on the analyzed data, investors will always be able to vote on the withdrawal of investments on time. KYC procedure concerns both depositors and creators. This increases security. After all, it’s no secret to anyone that in the field of crypto-investment security is the most important thing. Identification of financial partners will need to take place only once. ICOVO will provide data to ICO owners.


The name of the new token is OVO. The cost of the coin is equivalent to 30 cents of the US dollar. 0.30 USD. You can buy tokens for ETH, the minimum purchase amount is the equivalent to $ 100, the maximum amount for investments is $ 250,000.
The lower limit of charges is 5,868 ethers, the upper limit is 60,360 ETH. The project is registered in Switzerland and has no restrictions in any country in the world.
Pre-sales. From September 24 to October 8. In the period will be 40% bonus.
ICO. Will be held from 1 to 30 November.

How will all the tokens be distributed?

– 17% will be shared by team members and advisors;
– 23% marketing;
– 30% closed sales;
– 30% share of the crowdsale.

The distribution of investments (if it is collected not less than 20 million dollars):

– 3% working capital;
– 5% development capital;
– 10% advertising campaigns;
– 72% marketing;
– 10% team pool and a group of advisers.

Site and Documentation

The design of the project web page is quite simple, but the site is very informative. The documentation is available in English and Japanese. In English, the information is divided into two documents: a 38-page technical paper and 19 pages dedicated to the conduct of tokensale. Both documents are well structured and elaborated, contain a lot of useful graphic information.


Behind the leader and co-founder of the project is Akihiro Yamase – an impressive experience of creating innovative projects related to the Internet of things and AI. A total of 15 project participants are listed on the site, including 3 co-founders and 2 legal advisors.

Popularity in social networks

Today (September 7) the project has already managed to gain a good level of popularity. In the official group of the project in the Telegram – 14074 subscribers, Twitter – 12400, Facebook – 11854, Reddit – 685, youtube – 18. The team also conducts activity in the Medium and discord. A real godsend for developers can be a profile in Github company.


A total of 1 million OVO coins have been allocated for the campaign. Distribute funds as follows:
– 10% Facebook pool, the same is allocated to Reddit and Twitter;
– 35% of the campaign content;
– 5% pool of translators;
– 15% of the video campaign;
– 15% subscription campaigns.


The project began its active development in early 2018. In the first quarter, a platform was developed that implements DAICO. Press releases were held in Singapore, Switzerland and Japan, and active preparations were made for the ICO. In the second quarter, WhiteList was started. Version 1.0.0 of the ICOVO application was released. Sales began, which continue in the third quarter. By the end of the third quarter, version 1.1.0 of DAICOVO will be launched, and by the end of the year version 1.2.0. Also by that time, coworking space will be opened for innovative blockchain start-ups in Switzerland. Support service ICO will work in the 1st quarter of next year. In the second quarter of the year, the coworking space will open in Tokyo. In the third quarter, the team expects to smoothly move to a global deployment.

Site: https://icovo.co/
Service: https://icovo.co/whitepaper/wp_service_en.pdf
Tokensale: https://icovo.co/whitepaper/wp_tokensale_en.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICOVOCO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/icovoco/
Github: https://github.com/icovo/DAICOVO
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ICOVO/
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4468796.msg%msg_id%
Medium: https://medium.com/icovo
Telegram: https://t.me/icovoco
Discord: https://discordapp.com/channels/453384707065905153/453384707699113985
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAo9SoUVMIYJNg78pYm3enw


Bitcointalk username: Goldendragon67
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1750295


Thanks for the project. look really good im pretty sure that coin has good potential.

You know how to make good articles, signed up!

I hope this project gets a lot of attention

Very interesting project concept. Optimization and solution of the platform are promising. In simple words, I was interested.

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