Cyber-FM Radio provides listeners access to original and unusual music

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Is it possible to combine the best technologies of the 20th century with the most modern, into one efficient and demanded system? It turns out, yes! Introducing CyberFM is the world’s first online radio station with its own crypto currency.
The project was born back in November 2007. To date, there are 6 channels with music for every taste: from Christian songs, to Latin American performers.


Legislation in Western Europe, the United States and many other regions refers to issues of copyright protection more than seriously. And broadcasting on the radio of music is a very difficult topic for jurisprudence. To work in such conditions, often, radio stations have to insert a lot of advertising, invent subscription systems – all in order to pay royalties to the owners of rights to a particular work.
The CyberFM project team decided to create a system in which the problem of the influence of copyrights on the air will be solved through the introduction of block technologies. The system will have two tokens created on the Etherium platform: “CYFM” and “MFTU”. The first one will be necessary for work by registered officially executors, created according to all international rules of payments in the Network. The second token can be called more universal, it is necessary for interaction with any performers; developers guarantee the highest level of security, transparency and encryption.

User passwords are cached and encrypted using “bcrypt”. The site traffic passes only through secure connection via SSL / TLS (https). To increase the level of security, the creators attracted several independent expert teams to verify the code.
CyberFM stands out from the set of radio stations on the Web in that it broadcasts absolutely any music. Almost all the music that is reproduced here is not very popular.
To access the audio stream, you just need to open the site from the desktop device, and from the mobile – there are convenient applications for android- and iOS-devices.


The internal crypto currency of the project can be earned for showing active participation in discussions and competitions. And, not only performers but also ordinary listeners can earn money.

Social networks

At the moment the project already has a large audience of users, and a relatively high level of popularity in social networks. To date (August 18), Telegram – 3500, Twitter – 68400, Facebook – 14350, Reddit – 280. In the linkedin group – 14 employees.

About the team

At the beginning of the creation of projects CYFM and MFTU is a small group of experienced specialists. We note three leaders of the team: the founder of the radio station James Tiley, marketing and strategic planning consultant Scott Schein Holt and head of the project management department of AJ Borla.


The campaign allocated 500 thousand dollars. The funds will be distributed as follows:
– 25% blogs, articles, videos;
– 20% subscription campaigns in Bitcointalk;
– 15% support pool on Twitter;
– 15% is allocated on Facebook;
– 10% Reddit;
– 5% Telegram pool;
– 5% development of Youtube channel;
– 5% support pool in LinkedIn.

Pros of the project

– Listening to music is free.
– Virtually all genres known to mankind are available. In the channels of the radio station everyone can find something to their liking.
– The creators of the project have long laid out their applications for download on Android and iOS devices.
– Forbidden music you can choose and listen here as well, on your own.
– Block technology provides transparency and an amazing level of security.


Times are changing, however, the popularity of broadcasting has not disappeared. The format has changed – the stations are moved to the Internet. Blockchain technology allows the Cyberfm project to be truly original in its field, thanks to the crypto currency, now the process of listening to stations can not just relax and bring pleasure, but also bring in revenue. The uniqueness of the Cyberfm project is also that this project with more than a decade of experience is not going to be carried out by the ICO. Indeed, all that is needed by Internet radio stations is a wider coverage of users.




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The team is strong, everyone is open to communication

the future of broadcasting! Original idea and a strong team and these are all that is necessary to succeed!

I really liked the project, I hope that it will have many new members who will continue to participate in it.

Very strong project and team with a great usage for the Blockchain and its underlying technologies. The vision is brilliant. Excited to see where this one goes.

We are waiting for the end of ICO. I think the team even at such the market, the software will gather...

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