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Today we will talk about a new project in the development of hybrid cars. We present, CAREON blockchain platform for convenient interaction between researchers and developers.

The main goal of the CAREON blockchain project is to create a convenient platform for interaction between researchers, developers and hybrid machines. The platform brings together researchers from around the globe (from College graduates to leading experts) with leading manufacturers in the automotive industry into one solid chain of work.

Careonchain is a unique opportunity for the industry. Today, it is no secret that the growing problems of the world environment and the impact of cars on this process. In addition to pollution, there is another problem – the increase in fuel prices. Therefore, today it is vital to focus on the development of hybrid technology, the creation of conditions for the production of low-cost hybrid machines. It is planned that REO tokens will be used to load research works into the data of the block chain.


The new currency name is REO. The project is built on a unique platform Bitshares, tokens can be bought for ETH, BTC. The minimum investment amount is 0.01 BTC. The lower level of fees – $ 2 million. The project is registered in the Seychelles and is prohibited only in the United States.
Pre-sale. Has already ended took place from 14 July to 14 August.
ICO. Started August 15, will end on 15 October. 1 token of the system is equal to 24 cents.

Token distribution

– 70% of the funds will be sold during the preliminary and main sales;
– 8% share of management team;
– 4% expert Advisor pool;
– 5% of the bounty pool and community;
– 3% will be spent on mergers and expansions.


The site contains 9 members of the core team and six leading developers of the project. About each of them here is a lot of information, all have links to profiles in LinkedIn.

Social network

To date (October 6), the team has managed to achieve a significant level of popularity. The official Telegram group has 72329 subscribers, Twitter – 26700, Facebook – 9817. There is some activity in slack and discord. The level of karma in Reddit – 4. The project has an account and youtube, which has already posted 4 popular professionally mounted video.


The campaigns will last until the end of the ICO. In total, 500 thousand tokens of the system were allocated, which at the rate of main sales is equivalent to 120 thousand dollars. USA.

How will the tokens allocated to the affiliate program bounty be distributed?

– 15% administration and translation campaigns;
– 30% is allocated for the development of blogs and media campaigns;
– 10% allocated to Telegrams;
– 20% dedicated to support on Facebook and Twitter;
– 5% LinkedIn pool.


The concept was developed in the 2nd quarter of 2017. In the 3rd developed a technical document, the concept of the project was approved. At the end of the year, the creators of the project actively engaged in preparation for Pre-ICO.

The advantages of the network

Instant transactions. The introduction of modern blockchain technologies has allowed the system to create conditions for fast and reliable transactions.
Online wallet. The platform offers its users an online wallet where they can maintain the exchange and invest their money in the system in a safe and transparent way. Users can also use the accumulated money to make purchases and pay for services.
The exchange of money. Within the system, it is possible to make a fast and reliable exchange of cryptocurrencies.
Investment. Within the framework of the project, the modernized technology of verification of borrowers of funds for investments is launched. Using the system, you can check the platforms and services.
Powerful security system. The project involves an advanced security system on the blockchain, thanks to which you will be able to store documentation about the technologies of hybrid cars. All of us will have a guarantee of reliability that technologies will not fall into the “left” hands.




Bitcointalk username: Goldendragon67
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1750295


Great project,I advise everyone to consider this company as it has a very large perspective and striking in its immensity

To date (October 6), the team has managed to achieve a significant level of popularity

I read a lot about this project. Good idea, the project should be implemented!

project has a really nice idea, will support them

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