At the mining facility, we’re striking the perfect balance between cost per mining unit, efficiency and energy usage, we call this the “PUP” method

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At the ( mining facility, we’re striking the perfect balance between cost per mining unit, efficiency and energy usage, we call this the “PUP” method. Our PUP method is being deployed to ensure our operation yields a higher output at lowered costs.

There are a number of great cryptocurrency mining rigs on the market, however some are either prohibitively expensive, or inefficient. With our PUP method, we’re selecting the hardware that offers our company and investors the best ROI and the lowest overall risk.

As the industry changes, so will we. Our reinvestment strategy will allow us to constantly evaluate the newest technology, and identify the best possible mining rigs, giving us a competitive advantage.

We promise to evolve with the market, and deliver the best ROI to our valued token holders.

To learn more about our PUP method, check out our whitepaper ( !
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Balancing the many variables involved in this business can result into more efficiency and more profitability...which in turn can make all token holders and stakeholders happy and more supportive. I am sure that with this kind of mindset Securix can be the leading project in this industry.

This project has the backing of well organised team, I have followed their activities and I am really impressed with how they are executing each stage of the projects development professionally.

this project is credible , I follow the news

The team has a comprehensive vision of the project

This project has a very interesting idea. The team works with the project 100%, definitely it will be successful! The project is impressive in its scope and intentions.

A wonderful project strikes us with its development!.I wish excellent success to the project!

An interesting project with a great vision

A very promising project, can't wait for the future.

#securix is interesting project. I am sure that the rating of this project will grow and will be at a good level

Very interesting project! Earn with us! The revolutionary possibilities of the blockchain. Very high quality and reliable project. The team is working efficiently.

The team offers an integrated vision

This is an greatly interesting initiative which originated out of my home country the netherlands! Would like to wish the team all the best during the tokensale.

You have a strong team and I think that questions about reinvestment of the got profit you not strongly will complicate because you solve this problem quickly

i hope this project will be future all of us

You guys are doing great,am glad to be one of the investors.

Innovation and having an agile and mobile business plan with the will to change directions. This is how a great venture is begun.

Securix has a very good approach not only in organizing and conducting the campaign, but in organizing the mining of crypto currency! Creating an ideal balance between the cost per mining unit, efficiency and energy consumption, Securix offers companies and investors better return on investment and the lowest overall risk!

For each token that is sold, 0.85 cent go towards the buy of new equipment, and also updating the electrical foundation. Note that every token just costs 1USD.

I like that the team allocates a lot of funds for equipment upgrades and capacity expansion.

This task has the sponsorship of efficient group, I have taken after their exercises and I am extremely inspired with how they are executing each phase of the ventures improvement professionally.

Guys, this project will bring real profits to the holders of the tokens I look forward to the release of the token on the exchange and the flight to the moon)

This company's growth prospects! The future lies in blockchain technology and ambitious ideas! Join now.

Reliable, powerful and promising campaign!

advise everyone to consider this project for long-term investments.

I bought tokens and believe in success this company!!!Great! The long awaited ICO is finally here for the entire crypto community to be part of this great revolutionary packages that platform offers.

Uncomplicated article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

This project is very interesting and recommend it to all.On the official website all written clearly and clearly.This project has great prospects.Of course this time, I believe that this is the best project in cryptocurrency market, its unrivaled, people involved in their own business.

I thank you for encouraging me and other!

New technologies are new opportunities. great concept and I'm glad that I'm here! think this project fully successful for the benefits to all users. Thoughtful and clear ideas make it really attractive.

This undertaking has an extremely fascinating thought. The group works with the task 100%, unquestionably it will be fruitful! The undertaking is amazing in its degree and expectations.

A nice project which can make their investors generate passive income

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