At A token driven mining company , we’re offering our token holders a number of awesome investor benefits

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At A token driven mining company (, we’re offering our token holders a number of awesome investor benefits.

· The potential for a significant token value increase, through our reinvestments and our buyback and burn program.
· 45% of our monthly gross revenue, distributed amongst SRXIO token holders.
· A token output increase. As we buy and burn our tokens, the output per token will increase, and the token volume will decrease- previously issued tokens will become more valuable.
· An asset-backed token. Our SRXIO token already holds significant value, as it’s backed by our mining infrastructure.
· A monthly reinvestment strategy, where we will invest 10% of all monthly revenue into our mining infrastructure.


People are now looking for more value in the projects they are supporting with and asset-backed projects are enjoying good support because of the many benefits that one can get. Securix is a great example of this category and I am happy supporting it.

very promising project

This is an greatly interesting initiative which originated out of my home country the netherlands! Would like to wish the team all the best during the tokensale.

Very goog project! Congratulation all team members!!!

One of the very few tokens that are actually backed by a tangible asset. That alone makes this a unique mining token.

Really great benefits for investors. I am delighted with this project and wish you good luck in the implementation.

Great job, I love it ! I am sure it is promising and will be useful for people , thank you !

Securix is just out to offer there token holders a number of awesome investor benefits.


An interesting project with a very promising idea and a serious look into the future.Great success to the winning team!

The project is integrated and based on a realistic vision
Success will be on its way

Their goal is to make Blockchain and cryptographic technology simple and accessible to a broader audience. They want a product that is simple and understandable. It is as simple as buying their SRXIO token and enjoying a passive monthly output share.

nice good team

Well-designed technology, I think very successful

Owning the Securix SRXIO token will provide a guaranteed monthly
share of gross revenues from the physical token mining operations.
The SRXIO token is very unique, generating a monthly passive income regardless of whether the price of Bitcoin goes up or down!

This project will definite make the taste of great success!

Because tokens will be burned their cost will increase repeatedly. At least because the idea yours of the project takes place to live and prosper

Another great article from the project team, thanks for sharing it!

Nowadays too many people like this project because it is a best project for ICO Marketer.

A good idea for the project as well as a strong team is the guarantee of the success of any project.

You have a good team and partners so I think this project will grow up soon.

Mining is the heart of crpto and blockchains. And this is an investable good mining project

One of the specific couple of tokens that are really upheld by a substantial resource. That by itself makes this an extraordinary mining token.

It will be fine if you burn a quantity of tokens constantly. It will increase their cost repeatedly

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