New coins in town - ETCH, SNKCOIN, CREDO

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Etch is a shared financial ledger for construction industry. When you work on the ETCH enabled construction site, your wages are automatically transferred to your ETCH wallet. Your presence on the construction site is verified by app installed on your mobile device over the WiFi or Bluetooth.

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This coin is a real estate investment fund. The coin is being launched by Russian company Sosnovkino. By buying SNKCOIN you are investing in a land near Novosibirsk, Russia.

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CREDO (BitBounce)

CREDO is a blockchain based spam and email access solution. This project will try to reduce amount of spam one gets in his email box. The whole project is made of two components: BitBounce and Credo. Bitbounce is a filter for emails from unknown contacts and the payment system for  email receipt and response. The Credo is a token that recipient will be compensated with. At the later stage Bitcoin will be used as well. The Credo is based on Proof-of-Usage.

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I am not an investment adviser of any kind. I'm just sharing info with you. When investing, have in mind the golden rule: "Never invest more then you can afford to loose".

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