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Crypto-exchange STeX - the first automatic aggregator of liquidity with revolutionary technology Any2Any. Trade all coins in one place, directly, any to any!

There are two tokens on the STeX exchange: the dividend STE token which will be distributed 100% of the net profit, and the utility A2A token, through which all cross-currency trading goes and the internal unified account is maintained. Token A2A also provides a 50% discount on the payment of any commissions on the exchange.

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A2A Tokens ICO has been started on May 1.

To buy A2A tokens :

  1. Go to :link:
  2. Confirm that you agree with the conditions
  3. Enter your Ethereum address and click the button
  4. Our ICO smart contract address will be shown
  5. Trahsfer 0.1 ETH or more, using
    GAS LIMIT=300,000
    A2A Tokens will be transferred to your address immediatelly.
    If there are any bonuses at the moment of purchase, they will be transferred to your account after the end of the ICO. Bonus tokens will be frozen on your account for 9 months.
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