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I think this is the best project ever
Which takes the idea of ​​merging philanthropy with #blockchain technology
It depends on a full and integrated transformation of charitable and humanitarian work
Through the digital technologies available today
To include charitable giving to every person in this world
Has heard about this huge project
He joined him and adopted his idea and interact with him
So that each person "member" of this legislator "actor" benefit and benefit
Regardless of gender, race or geographical distinctions
Actually . I am very excited for this project #LittlePhil #ICO
Because I'm sure he's really honest
They are not only looking for material profit, advertising their project, raising money and then breaking down
Quite the opposite
They plan for the long and long term
I do not rule out some day seeing Little Phil ICO compete with the biggest projects in this field
Even #bitcoin itself and #ether, #dash and other projects have been unmatched success
This work will certainly be brilliant and amazing for everyone
Because of its features not found in many of its competitors
Because it simply depends on volunteer charity work
LPC (Emergency relief fund)
And this is one of the many advantages that distinguish him from others
Just as I mentioned before
Any project that adopts the idea of ​​voluntary volunteer work
And looks at the community with insight and puts under the microscope all categories, especially the simple category that is struggling for the strength of its day
"It is the largest segment in all societies" will be a big successful
And thus will be an attractive factor for investors in all their spectrum
I invite you all to participate and invest in #LittlePhil #ICO
It's a very productive project
You should not miss this rare opportunity on you
Greetings "Saeed Ra'ad

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