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Do you have a dog? If so, you surely know how it feels to be welcomed at home by this beautiful and handsome four-legged animal. The tail wags and licks warmly into the face showing unconditional love.
A dog has found itself as a weak spot in the hearts of humans with more than 500 million dogs kept as pets worldwide, thus winning itself as the “most favorite pet in the world”. Apart from the many benefits of dogs for humans and the pet market that seems to be developing rapidly, there are a number of problems that damage the welfare of dogs. Some of the problems identified include a lack of registration and an integrated and reliable data capture system for dogs, dog life data that cannot be verified, scarcity of dog welfare frameworks, poor food choices, lack of verified dog vaccination records systems, hereby creating gaps There are differences great between dog owners and dog breeders on how to provide the best care for dogs because there is no platform for sharing information. As an example,
Apparently, a platform that will combine technology with expertise in dog care systems is needed to overcome this problem. Luckily there is a platform that has this: DogData.

What is Dogdata

DogData is a blockchain-powered platform that was built solely to complement and enrich dog welfare. The DogData platform is an innovative solution, equipped with a variety of sophisticated tools, yet easy to use, to make it easier and care for dogs while saving money for dog owners and breeders.


The advantage of this platform affects dog breeders, owners, providers of products and services, and even for the dog itself. I will explain the advantages of this article for you to have about the benefits and support of the platform for you as the owner or breeder of aspiring dogs.
Dogdata has been moved to a large database that is placed on the blockchain. This is a centralized structure and is taken to occupy all the details about each dog.
All dogs can be registered on this network. Open to all dog classes. Registration will be done and ID will be given to dogs. Both dogs formed by an older marriage of the same type and those made by a marriage of a different breed can be accessed and registered. This platform is very easy for all users to use. It has a simple and easy interface to make it easy.


The community has set the tokens, ERC721 and ERC 20, to be used in the ecosystem by dog ​​owners and other dog specialists. There will be discounts for members through the use of tokens.
There is a market created to carry out transactions perfectly through the use of smart contracts and using cryptocurrency.
Also, all information about every dog ​​in the world can be stored safely and they can be sent with their families for easy and different health care.

DogDataExpert Care Information

This social media-supported solution can provide Dog Care information that can be sought for broader dog owners. with this multi-lingual Ecosystem, it will create the best care information to improve Dog care, Dog health through breeding that is beneficial for the entire Dog community.

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ICO Dogdata

Dogdata provides the initial will help the system to increase initial capital. However, every beginning user who will argue in the initial offer must have a dog or accept whoever is offered. In particular, initial offers for investors to see at a glance the entire system. Pitch sales are needed to be aimed at convincing investors.


Because DogData offers all services via blockchain technology, there are tokens that drive transactions in the system. However, if the token is not well approved, its value on the exchange may not be attractive. Also without tokens, potential participants may not be able to win the system’s products and services. Thus, the initial offer.
The initial DogData offering is circulated to well-defined paper with clearly highlighted goals. This is to increase the participation of massive networks. The total allocation of coins is well shared among many aspects of the network.
The initial offer for the DogData platform is clearly a workable plan. And adoption will grow among dog owners and breeders.

if if you want to know this project in detail you can find in the link below:
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