Let's make this ICO a success by sending Trump a few of our coins!!!!

in ico •  9 months ago

Whether you support him or not we all agree Trump is a mean angry guy always attacking....

As we all know our President is supposedly very anti-recreational drugs.

And we know that he will put his name on anything for a few bucks.....

And personally think if he smoked a joint maybe he'd be less mean...

So how do we get this done....
I came up with the solution today.....
I just participated in the Perks Coin ICO as a presale.

This is specifically a coin for the legal Cannabis industry!

Right now they sell at 68 cents each.....

Let's each send him a couple of these coins....
If he got enough I'm sure to protect his money, (and ours) I bet he would suddenly tell Jeff Session to stop going after Legal Canabis Users

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Still time to send Trump a message!

I bought over 2000 of the coins I'm going to send $6.50 of it (10 coins)
Let's see what the Republicans say when he takes a bribe from a moderate...
Yes I paying directly to entrap him....
Anyone else want to join me?!?

everyone in!!!!!


time to get on board