Beware Another scammy ICO ... pump and dump in progress...

in ico •  11 months ago

images_004.pngFirst I wish to state this is personal opinion and I am not an accredited investment advisor.

The fact that I have not been able to fully vet all of these items because of the closed off nature of the team presenting the ICO. Is another serious strike against it.

Last week Credits stated thata the Alpha version of the system which was going to be released after the ICO was actuallly to release 1.5 weeks early before the ico!
Low and behold a huge influx of potential investors to the White Paper. BUT THE ALPHA NEVER RELEASED!!!!! Then the annoucement yesterday that they could not release this whole week and it will be sometime after the ICO.

Then we find out day of the ICO in our mailboxes:

They knew about it on the 6th, why wait till the 15th?? Makes no sense unless you have enough investors or want to remove smaller investors, because you used then to promote your own ! Or were never going to ban them if you did not have other qualified investors....
Essentially very shady....
I have downgraded them to a do not buy till we see a beta or alot of early adopters for there Alpha Platform!
Thus agian proving just because your thinking to invest in an ICO and everything looks good you need to be vigilant and recheck and be willing to walk away up to the point you buy in.
Give me some info on upcoming ICOs your interested in an I'll tell you what I can find out about it.....
I hope to increase ROI in some small way!

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