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Each of us would like to quickly and easily earn big money betting on sports or participating in the lottery. This industry continues to attract more and more people. Constantly growing number of people who hope to earn a lot of money by spending just a couple of dollars. To date, the growth in the number of participants in this industry is more than 4% per year. The market capitalization of the entire gambling market exceeds 300 trillion dollars. This is evidenced by the latest statistics of reputable publications.

Despite the constant growth in the number of participants and the growth of capitalization in this industry, there are disadvantages. There is a huge number of online casinos where users can take part in gambling and try their luck. Now you don't have to go anywhere to gamble or play the lottery, because everything is available on our smartphones. However, it should be noted that most of the services do not give their users the opportunity to win, because of dishonest conditions of the game. Due to the fraudulent activities of various sites, the chances of an ordinary user to win are very small or equal to zero.

To solve all the problems listed above and create an honest gambling platform, the specialists developed the GEXAN project.


GEXAN is a decentralized ecosystem that will enable users to play the online lottery and use the services and resources of the project. The platform is hybrid and will consist of different systems of algorithmic consensus. The platform will also have such elements as smart contracts, payment gateways and an internal token. All these elements should provide the most secure and reliable environment for the participants of the platform, as well as guarantee fair and transparent games.

The platform has many advantages. The use of blockchain technology will eliminate all of the above problems, as well as make the gambling industry fair and transparent. Online lottery based on blockchain will allow users to avoid double taxation and will give the opportunity to determine the tax regime for winnings. This concept makes the platform competitive in the market. For maximum convenience of its users, the developers have created a mobile web version and mobile application. Payment whores of the project is designed in such a way that it has no restrictions and it is able to convert any amount of cryptocurrency.

Let's take a look at the comparative characteristics of the lottery with blockchain and traditional lottery.


The internal project token will be called GEX. For its development, the creators intend to use hybrid blockchain algorithms (POS + POW). With this system, you can set up masternodes for daily profit. A total of 21 million GEX will be released, of which 1 million is available for public sales.

I believe that the GEXAN project will be able to attract a large audience, because it has its own unique features and differs from a number of similar projects. The platform is sure to appeal to people who are interested or gambling. All users want to play on a safe, honest and reliable platform and GEXAN will be a great solution for them. I recommend everyone to learn more about the project on the links below. The project deserves the attention of investors, because it creates a popular product and has a strong team of developers.


More information you can find on these links:

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Great project idea! I'll keep an eye on him. Thanks for the review!

this kind of project is definitely no more

I think this is a very good option for investment, which in the future will be a good return!

—It is sure that at this project the big future. I wish developers all success and not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

Great project idea!

Thanks for the review! An interesting project, I will need to study it in more detail!

Great idea. It is necessary to read more about the project.

Interesting idea! I am sure it will be implemented! Thank you for reviewing the project!

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