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The world around us is constantly evolving and changing. Every day there are new technologies, scientists make new discoveries. However, despite all the innovations and new products, the agricultural sector will always be in great demand. This is due to the fact that each of us wants to eat fresh and natural products. The agricultural sector produces large quantities of food every day. The agriculture and food sector plays a significant role in the economies of many countries. The population of the planet is constantly growing, so the need for food will grow.

The agricultural sector is also experiencing various changes and not all farmers have time to adapt to new conditions. Someone does not have the time, someone does not have the resources or technical capabilities that could solve the existing problems associated with high commissions when interacting with consumers. Agricultural products go through a large number of transactions and intermediaries before getting to our table. After going such a long way the final price of the product is formed, which can be high due to the large number of intermediaries.

To solve all the problems listed above and provide consumers and manufacturers with new effective tools, experts have developed the Bitagro project.


Bitagro is a new comfortable exchange for the agricultural sector. The project intends to create new opportunities in the agro-industrial sector and significantly change the food relations with the help of blockchain technology. The platform's internal token will provide an opportunity to purchase goods and services in the agricultural sector. The platform allows farmers to save a decent amount of money, thanks to the absence of intermediaries and other third parties.

The platform has a simple and user-friendly interface, so that even beginners can understand. Registration on the platform is very simple, and the passage of KYC does not take much time. Bitagro will provide its customers with a large number of effective tools that will allow each user to get the maximum benefit. On the exchange, all users will be able to interact with each other at a safe level. The user of the platform will be able to become a farmer from any country and find his client from Europe or Holland. Customers can also find sellers of goods, services and agricultural machinery on this platform.


The platform has a large number of advantages, which include:

● availability, simplicity and ease of use;
● the exchange will be available both on the Internet and for mobile devices in the form of an application;
● internal tokens of the exchange provide an opportunity to buy services, products, as well as membership on the platform, which provides various privileges;
● blockchain technology will allow farmers to digitize their business, which will affect the development of the entire agricultural sector;
● the platform will provide high security through smart contracts.


The internal token of the project will be called AGROCOIN and will be based on Ethereum. The coin of the platform will become a source of reliability and value for all participants of the project. You can easily buy a token on the available cryptocurrency exchange platforms, where you can buy it immediately at an affordable price.

I believe that the Bitagro project will be able to attract a large audience, because it creates a convenient and reliable platform in the agricultural sector. Our world will continue to change actively in the next ten years, so it is important to improve existing tools, including in the agro-industrial complex. The project deserves the attention of investors, because it has a strong team of developers and a promising product. I recommend to study the project in more detail on the links below.


More information you can find on these links:

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Very interesting project concept. Optimization and solution of the platform are promising.

I agree with you

Cool project! Be sure to buy their tokens!

Project deserves attention and I hope the team will be able to implement all its plans

Agriculture is a specific industry, it needs such projects.

Agriculture is
A specific industry,
It needs such projects.

                 - natalisekret

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I believe in the team and the idea!

I have got acquainted with this project quite recently, but have already precisely understood that I will go for it up to the end! Very interesting idea which entices more and more people every day. I recommend to each of you to join!

An interesting promising project with an actual and in-demand product. I think that the team should not let its investors down.

blockchain in the agro-industry is something

As an investor, of course, I can not pass by this project. Be sure to take part in the ICO!

Great idea from the team! It remains to wish them success in the implementation of the plan!

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