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That how the ICO work. I realised that hard school way. I'm not part of that plan. Very selective these days on ICOs.

The last one should be "INVEST IN STEEM POWER"


Next - steem down

Us brochachos gotta stick together

Hi @redpill. I missed the best ICO's this year but I'll make sure I won't miss the others this 2018. Wish me luck and feel free to visit my blog @tiffanyrej


It's been a long hard day. Thanks for making me smile at the end of it.

i liked in your post dear

Thats a great jocks i smile now😊✌✌😁😁
Carry my friend ...

Looks like it's a good ol' fashioned bro down!

Hope for the best! I have bought 3 ICOs and hope they shoot to the moon to help me clear all my past debts! Really hope that cryptocurrency does well in 2018 as well to give everyone a helping hand.

How to find the best ICO? Here is how you should find it . A great article that will help you make gains

Thank you for sharing your plan for 2018 @redpill ! Resteemed!

quite interesting. Guess the Bro down is based on experience in ICO's
thanks for sharing ;)

it's really hilarious, good work

Nice plan for 2018.
Thanks for sharing it.

wow fantastic plan :))

JJajaja. Súper bueno. Really nice

reasteam done please check my profile