RECORD[RCD] Update-Exchange Listing

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We are extremely excited to announce that CoinBene will be the first exchange to list the RECORD[RCD] token which is issued by RECORD Foundation.

According to Coinhills where you can find current market prices coming from many global exchanges, CoinBene is being ranked Top 20 for its amount of transaction. CoinBene is an exchange where they support multiple currencies and have been trading 56 cryptocurrencies.

Listing RECORD[RCD] on the CoinBene would be just a beginning. Starting from CoinBene, RECORD[RCD] would be traded through other more exchanges. More detail information regarding transaction through will be updated soon! Stay tuned with our announcements coming soon!

RECORD Foundation runs the first reward-based music service platform, RecordFarm. A solution to the traditional music industry, it creates the healthy environment where creative works are valued, curations from users are rewarded, and transparency is ensured. The new ecosystem, driven by blockchain technology and RECORD token, simplifies the process and eliminates unnecessary intermediaries.

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Ask any questions about the project in our chat on Telegram
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Hi Record Foundation Team,

We have added you to Blockspot. Please let us know if any important information is missing:

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