How to Participate in the Pre ICO sale ¦ Neurogress ICO ¦ Quick Update

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In order to be able to get NRG-s, please carefully follow these guidelines to register and get through the #KYC procedure:

  1. Click the "Join us" button on our one and only official website
  2. Fill in the username, email address and password.
  3. If you do not enter an existing wallet address, a new wallet is automatically generated for you. You will then need to transfer funds in ETH to that wallet in order to get NRG tokens. The private key of that generated wallet will be available for download in your Settings. Your tokens will be stored in this wallet. You can transfer tokens to any other wallet using any ETH transaction system you like. If you enter your wallet during the registration, then in order to make a purchase of NRG tokens, you will need to enter your private key into your account to confirm the transaction.
  4. Once you've completed this simple procedure, you'll get an activation email. It takes from 0.0 seconds to sometimes several minutes to get the email, depending on your webmail hosting. Also please check the spam folder if you haven't receive the email for quite a long time.
  5. Click the blue activation button. You then will be asked to provide your full name, place of residence and two supporting scans of documents. First one is your ID, second one is your residence address confirmation (i.e. utility bill). Please make sure you use the supported file formats. Also allow the files to be fully uploaded and turned into actual pictures before you hit the "Send request" button.
  6. After that please allow some time for the KYC procedure to get you verified. You'll get the confirmation email if the process is successful or the statement why your verification didn't go through.
  7. Transfer the funds to the ETH wallet associated with your neurogress account. You will be able to get the NRGs from the balance of your ETH wallet. If you are getting NRG tokens with BTC, you'll follow the standard procedure, no need to transfer the ETH.
  8. The NRG tokens will be available when the timer for the pre-TGE goes off.

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