Swiss Alps – Providing an Eco-Friendly Solution For Cryptocurrency Mining

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Swiss Alps Mining and Energy aims to carry out the process of mining of cryptocurrencies in an eco-friendly way. Swiss Alps, which is an alpine region in Switzerland consists of large number of unused buildings because spatial planning law does not allow to use these structures for residential purposes. Swiss Alps Mining and Energy is using such unused structures to carry out mining of cryptocurrencies without affecting the environment using renewable energy resources. Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is the company which will bring out this effective mining solution by using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system. This system uses heat generated in the mining process to produce electricity. SAM tokens will be used in this ecosystem. SAM cubes are the pre-fabricated cubes containing the mining components which will be installed in un-used buildings. As these cubes are located on higher altitudes the need of air-conditioned systems is automatically eliminated.

Alpine Areas:

The Swiss Alpine areas consists of Mountain cabins which are used for traditional mountain farming. But due to decline in number of farmers, these structures are currently of no use. As there is no incentive to renovate and maintain these structures, they collapse. These collapsed structures are also affecting the tourism of that place and thus reducing the revenue of local tourism industry. Swiss Alps Energy AG has found out an innovation solution for this problem. The unused structures will now be used and renovated by the company to carry out cryptocurrency mining with renewable energy resources. Thus, it provides solution to alpine areas as well as to global mining problem.

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE):

SAE will consist of SAM Power Plant, SAM Cubes, and SAM Centres.

SAM Power Plants:
Instead of buying hydro or wind power plants, SAE will produce its own cost-efficient power through SAM power plants which will be used to run the SAM cubes. Later in future SAM Power Net will be launched through which users can buy energy at lower prices than offered in the market. The data of energy purchased and consumed will be stored in the SAE’s blockchain.

SAM Cubes:
The flexible and modular mining cubes called as SAM cubes are low maintenance cubes. It also consists of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system which is used to recover energy from the heat produced during mining process. There is a central management platform to which every cube will communicate. The ORC system used here saves up to 50% of energy which is consumed as compared to other mining facilities.

SAM Centres:
SAM centre is the branch centre which will be set up in each alpine area where the cubes will be operated. These centres will be used for on-call duty and security.

SAM Tokens:
SAM tokens will be used to reap the benefits of services provided on the platform. This token will also be used to purchase power in the platform, renting and buying mining units and for operating Sam cubes.


Gian-Carlo Collenberg - Founder and CEO
Gian-Carlo is a blockchain enthusiast and constantly strives for new applications and business models. His experience in turning ideas into practical applications of the blockchain technology combined with his profound knowledge of the energy markets make him the undisputed driving force of SAE. Gian-Carlo is a member of the commission of public buildings and facilities of the municipality of Hofstetten-Flueh.

Ramon Simon - Founder and CFO
Ramon, engineer and manager, keeps track of all project-related activities and manages the resources. With his technical and engineering skills, he also monitors the evaluation and acquisition of the hydropower plants.

Mike Rava - Founder and CMO
For more than 25 years, Mike has been involved with various companies in the field of engineering, development, marketing, project management and consulting. He has developed a wide variety of solutions in the areas of digital assets, digital identity, smart contracts and distributed apps.

Token Matrix:

Token – SAM
Total Token Supply – 239,682,538
Price Per Token - $0.50 USD
Soft Cap – $5M USD
Hard Cap – $100M USD
Public Sale – 15th June to 27th July 2018


• This project has strong social media hype. It has around 13,000 followers on Twitter and around 31,000 members on Telegram.
• The project currently has 3 cubes operational.
• The team behind this project has experience in various fields such as marketing, project management, engineering, blockchain, software development and many more.
• There are 7 advisors for this project who are vey well versed with blockchain, crypto, ICO, business development, project management and finance.

• The whitepaper of this project is not properly explained. Content was very repetitive in the whitepaper.
• The partnerships of this project are currently not available on the website and the whitepaper.

ANN Thread:

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