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Hello, dear subscribers and readers of my blog! Today, in my article I would like to discuss some areas of creativity on the Internet, in particular, we will discuss the industry of photos and various artistic images or illustrations, as well as identify the key problems in this area and consider the solutions offered by the THWGLOBALCOIN project team. Well, for a start I think it is worth reading the plan of this article, so you can immediately find the necessary information.

Plan/structure of the article


THWGLOBALCOIN-what is it (in short)
Solve problems
Key features/benefits of THWGLOBALCOIN

Enjoy reading!


THWGLOBALCOIN is a special platform that will be based on its own platform, thanks to which it will be possible to create a system where the content Creator publishes his works directly on the platform and the one who will be interested will be able to easily purchase it.



Monetization of creativity. In order for Your creativity to bring you at least some profit, you need to monetize it. To do this, you need to look for a client who will be interested in purchasing Your work. It can be different studios or just a customer who needs images to design his website or project. Finding regular customers is not an easy task, so sometimes it requires an alternative solution. And here we come to the following problem:
Monopolists. As mentioned above, it is difficult to find customers. And here's why: many large companies are turning to services such as GettyImages and ShutterStock. They are the monopolists of the image and photo market. Other campaigns are not able to make them a proper competition, what can we say about the individual creators. Therefore, in order to somehow monetize their work, people have to cooperate with these "giants", selling them their content.



The first features THWGLOBALCOIN we took the decentralized nature of the platform. The platform's decentralization implies the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, which allows to implement many useful functions.
The second feature in our list will be the loyalty of the platform to the authors. Here we will not describe anything, because this loyalty is formed from solving the problems listed above.
The internal currency will be the third feature of THWGLOBALCOIN in our list, as the integration of its own currency will create an internal ecosystem and form an independent economy.
Security is one of the main features of the platform. I do not see any sense in enumerating why "security is cool", but thanks to the use of blockchain, smart contracts and its own internal currency, all transactions on the platform will be completely safe.


It should be noted that the idea of using blockchain in the creation of a new decentralized video platform is extremely interesting, therefore, I believe that the project will be extremely successful, because it will be beneficial for both advertisers and content authors. It is also worth noting that the blockchain technology has great potential, so the decentralization of the platform will help it to always develop and become more and more qualitative. Thank you for reading this article.

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