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Nebula Exchange is considered as a cryptocurrency exchange based platform which is providing leveraged trading on cryptocurrency pairs. For the moment, however, it is yet in beta and is not operational. One of the chief differences will be that Nebula Exchange will provide the smaller altcoins which cannot afford to appear on the main exchanges, the chance to bet listed on its platform, for a small fee. Nebula is a Cryptocurrency Exchange providing Trading services via API / Web trading platform. Concerning orders execution model, Nebula is an exchange. Nebula provides only the trading of cryptocurrencies and Nebula is unregulated.


Nebula is the next generation trading platform, which proposes next functions and features

• Safety Features (the platform deploy industry prominent safety actions to keep funds safe)

• Security Tokens (one of the first exchanges which enable the trading of security tokens)

• Multiple-Currency (using USDT, EURT, ETH, BTC and FIAT pairings favorite tokens can be exchanged)

• Margin Trading -(Trade with up to 10x leverage on selected pairings)

• Be Heard- (Voice the opinions on various tokens using Nebula 5-star review system)

• Reputation System -(Receiving Reputation Points (RP) and receiving rewards for referring friends, doing reviews
and serving the community)


• Demo- The team gives an exclusive demonstration project in which we can observe the charts from
TradingView and much more.

• Fiat trading-The designers of Nebula promise to make conditions for the trade of Fiat currencies (in particular,
EUR and USD). At the same time, the Deposit options will be safe, and the KYC procedure is simplified.

• Leverage- Nebula Exchange will enable users to trade with up to 1:10 leverage. Account in universal Exchange.
Clients can use a single purse for numerous stock transactions, including trade with borrowed funds.

• Purse -The Nebula Exchange project gives a wallet with the capability to make multiple signatures. The wallet
will contain all the features typical for such technology.

• Security-The most significant component of the Nebula platform is a high level of security. The system will
include complicated encrypted cold storage; users will be protected from burglaries and theft.

It is also known that projects with the maximum rating Nebula will advertise for free on its key pages.

What are NESC Tokens?

The Nebula Exchange Star Credits (NESC) is the utility token of the platform. NESC Tokens will be used for platform’s minimizing transaction charges, paying for novel listings as well as a trading pair. Tokens used for transaction fee or used for paying listing fees are burned. Moreover, each quarter, the Nebula Exchange will use twenty-five percent of its incomes to buy-back and burn NESC tokens. The burning of the token will end when the current supply of NESC tokens comes to fifty percent of firstly issued tokens.

ICO Details

Ticker Symbol: NESC
Platform: Ethereum
Accepts: ETH, BTC
Soft Cap: 500,000 USD
Hard Cap: 20,000,000 USD


Nebula Exchange looks very favorable and will have some truly nice features, as long as it lastly launches its operations. For now, it is only creating promises and delaying the start. The low fees are found to be particularly attractive, as well as the likelihood to invest in obscure, but promising crypto projects, which are not, listed somewhere else.
Although the weaknesses of marketing the projects are minor, the site and documentation look good and have very good potential to go successfully into the world market. The most vital thing is that the team previously has a proven product, something that can be shown to investors. Interest in this project speedily gained the momentum and was driven by a growth in security levels.

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