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Hussy.io is a distributed escorting and due diligence infrastructure. The aim of the platform is to provide incentives for sex workers around the world for saving the execution of their profession. The A confirmation will be provided by the platform to both service providers and customers to reduce the possibility of spreading of sexually transmitted diseases and possible human trafficking cases.


• Presence of associated issues such as human trafficking, violence against women and children or increased transferring of STDs.

• Existing regulatory efforts from governments are inefficient for safe execution of this profession.

• The industry nature reduced the influx of venture capital and prevented many digital innovations from taking place.


Open to 3rd party platforms

Hussy is not just another escorting platform, but rather a whole escorting infrastructure. Anyone can open their own escorting platform anonymously in any country and join the distributed HUSSY infrastructure in order to improve the status quo of the global sex work industry.

Fair & flexible fee schedule

Monetizing of listing platforms is based on a fair advertising fee that is updated according to demand for sex services. Every service provider can select an optional fee for a listing. All fees are payable in ERC-20 tokens.

Impossible to shut down

Decentralized nature of the HUSSY infrastructure makes it near impossible to shut down. The solution is not dependent on a central server, which makes it resistant to harmful regulations like FOSTA / SESTA. Only the data owners are in control of their data, nobody else is able to delete or modify the data.

No time-wasting or abusive clients

Users are encouraged to make a security deposit before arranging a meeting. Service providers may need a client to make a booking deposit in order to filter out time-wasting clients that make a reservation but never appears on a meeting.

Due diligence

With blockchain technology, it enables to close the gap between the need for privacy and trustworthiness.

Anonymous but trusted participants

According to the KYC policy of a listing platform, all the sex workers and their clients will be reviewed. The separation of listing platforms and due diligence authorities guarantees the trust between the participants while keeping them completely anonymous to the listing platform. KYC verification solves not only trust issues but can also contribute to solving the problem of human trafficking.

Minimizing the spreading of STDs

Spreading of sexually transmitted infections is a big concern in the sex work industry. Regular medical examinations from certified health providers that can be anonymously verified may minimize the risk of spreading these infections. Participants can verify the validity and the date of issuance of the last health certificate on the Blockchain without disclosing any private data.

Protecting clients and service providers

The platform will provide a blockchain-based proof of sexual consent that will protect both parties involved. It also enables both parties to rate the experience and write a review after the meeting.

Technical Overview

Hussy Token Details

• Ticker- HUS
• Accepts- ETH
• Model- ERC-20
• Hard cap- 30,000,000 USD
• Soft cap- 3,000,000 USD
• Token supply- 100,000,000 HUS
• Tokens for sale- 60,000,000 HUS

Token Distribution

Project Details

Website: https://hussy.io

Whitepaper: https://hussy.io/app/assets/whitepaper.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hussy_io

Facebook: https://fb.me/hussy.io

Telegram: https://t.me/hussy_io

Author - pubudu

Bitcointalk link - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1685433

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A good way of application the Blockchain thecnology.