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The Public #Presale of #Omix tokens will end in 4 days. Hurry and sign up on our #tokensale dashboard as soon as possible to purchase your #Omix tokens along with exciting bonuses that will depreciate with each subsequent day.
*Sign up now at
*Have a look at for a step to step guide on how to invest in the shivom presale.
*Also checkout to know about the shivom referral program that enables you to earn extra rewards for referring your friends and family.

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Great bonus for investors, this should appeal to people


I've done a piece on this project! Very fascinationg one. Feel free to check out my blog

Shivom are changing the dynamics of the global healthcare market. We are utilizing the most advanced technologies including blockchain, cloud computing, genome sequencing, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics to bring medical genomics into a new era.

#OMX #ProjectShivom #Blockchain #healthcare #genomics #cryptocurrency

Any airdrops that i could announce like these awesome ones:
Best Airdrops

Shivom has recently announced a number of exciting partnerships, including those with the government in Andhra Pradesh to sequence up to 60 million people in that province of India, starting with a pilot study after the close of the token sale, as well as with publicly traded company Genetic Technologies Limited for development of predictive genetic tests and use of accredited laboratories.

this is great

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We may also try this out, sign up until supplies last.