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GODcoin.gold is finally making its Grand Announcement, with an Official launch of the ICO on the 31st March 2018.

The Video Announcement.


GODcoin will be the perfect currency, because it is the currency of Christ. It will be the currency of His New Kingdom, which will be established very soon, and it will eliminate all other currencies, leaving it to be the only formally accepted form of money. The @godcoin team plans to work closely with the Steemit community during the transition.


The Whitepaper, which is still being expanded on as I post this, so look forward to more information coming shortly.


Official Links:

Website - http://godcoin.gold/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GOD.coin.gold/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/GodCoinGold
Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/company/God-Coin/
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRmsiytZnbMg-O_b2zBNuTg
Email - [email protected]

The website will be updated closer to 31st March 2018 for when the ICO goes live.

Aleph Tav.png

Revelation 3:18 "I counsel you to buy gold from me, proved by fi re, that you may prosper"

More End Times Information:

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@prime-cleric thanks for the news.

I hope to see news again, while I voted you.

It's special btw

It's good coin thank you for sharing man 👌👊👍

Yes finally😊

That will be a succes ! No doubt !

Interesting concept.looking forward to its launch and application.

Will I be able to donate to my church with God coin?


I'm going to tell all my friends about this !

These are some bold claims to make. It will be no surprise however when performance and growth match that boldness. Deus vult.

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