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Have you ever faced such situations when you need Fiat money urgently, and you do not want to withdraw from crypto-currency assets, because the exchange rate is low?

The ideal solution to this problem came up with the Money Token Ecosystem.


Money Token is a decentralized virtual asset platform built on blockchain technology.
The essence of the financial ecosystem is that any owner of digital assets can take an instant loan, leaving in return a digital asset that can return to the nominal value of the contributed digital assets after the loan is repaid.
Thus, the user has the ability to save their digital assets and get the cash on their need.
All transactions on the platform are made using smart contracts.
Any user of the platform can be a borrower or a lender, but it is impossible to be both at the same time.


Among the advantages of this project are the following:

  1. Transparency of all transactions
  2. Selection of the most optimal credit conditions
  3. Instant loan approval without verification and other documents

Lending terms:

  1. The borrower may withdraw the loan currency for its own use
  2. It is possible to repay the loan before the due time
  3. It is possible to extend the loan by making an additional deposit
  4. The deposit left by the borrower as collateral is returned to the borrower back to the purse address in case of timely repayment of the loan
  5. The platform may retain part of the deposit, if the conditions of the Borrower are not met at the time or are not fulfilled at all
  6. The platform may use part of the collateral to recover damages if the Borrower fails to comply with the terms of the contract
  7. The loan amount can be from $ 500 USD - $ 1 000 000 USD
  8. The loan period is from 3 to 90 days
  9. The interest rate of 0.2% - 0.5% per day (10-15% per annum)
  10. Borrower's pledge funds will be kept on a purse protected by several signatures.

Let's look at an example of how we can benefit from the platform:

You have 5 ETH. The ETH rate today is $ 600. That's $ 3,000. You need cash. What to do?
1 Option. You can sell ETH and get cash for your needs. $ 3000.
2 Option. You took out a loan for 30 days in the amount of $3,000. You have saved ETH. Maximum percentage 0.5%*30 days = 15% = $ 450. During this time ETH grew by 30%. After the return of the borrowed funds, you will return 5 ETH. You already have $ 900 on your account. After deduction of interest, you receive $ 450 USD.
Thus, during the use of the loan, taking into account the maximum interest rate, you also earned $ 450.
If you are sure that your digital assets will grow during this time, feel free to take a loan and use it for good!

The project will be interesting not only for investors, but also for manners, traders, exchanges,ICOs.

The project team consists of professionals and experts in the field of Informatics, cybersecurity, blockchain, with experience in business projects, risk management specialists and financial specialists.

Previously, the project team has already created a platform with artificial intelligence, which conducts automated operations on the loan on the platform.

Dear friends, I introduced you to a unique and innovative platform. You can now keep a cryptocurrency to the best courses and spending a lot of liquidity at the same time.

Live in the present!

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It is very convenient and profitable!

I like the idea of the platform. I would use

Instant loans are great. I am sure that many will be interested in this project.

Thank you for article and example. I've read about the project before, but now I know it's worth it.

The interest rate is not that high, compared to what you may receive less if you withdraw your digital asset, and it will grow in price.

I have not seen such projects before. Interesting idea.