Promising future of sea freight

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The sphere of sea freight is interesting and promising.
There are even travelers who buy tickets for the cargo ship to experience all the marine romance and get new experiences. Such travel on a cargo ship called "containertrip".

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Sea freight is the most ancient type of cargo transportation. Ships brought goods from far away in this way for many centuries . More reliable vessels appeared later. There have been no significant changes in the transportation process for many years. The conditions and speed of cargo transportation changed.

Cargo turnover of sea ports is constantly growing. Sea transportation is becoming more popular with the advent of online stores. Particularly common container transport with a full load and groupage containers.

Transportation of goods is quite a complex process. It is very important to take into account the peculiarities of the cargo, collect the necessary documents, insure the cargo, make a reservation for the container, pack and place the cargo in the container, move the container to the port of departure. Strict control is required for the entire process of transportation.

Global changes are expected in the sea freight market in the near future.
The introduction of blockchain technology will give the industry a unique opportunity to give a new impetus to the development and make a revolutionary transition to a new level.


Blockshipping company has developed a platform based on blockchain technology with a single container registry.

The objectives of this project are:

  1. Improving efficiency
  2. Process improvements and a fundamental digital transformation

The results of the platform are expected to be impressive:

  • Achieve 60% market coverage with 16 million container units in a single register
  • All participants of the platform ( Container carriers, terminal operators, ports, leasing companies, transport companies, freight forwarders) achieve cost savings through real-time information exchange
  • Reduction of emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The platform will be completed within 3 years.

All processes and payments between participants will be automated by smart contracts. And blockchain technology will make the project absolutely safe, with maximum control, confidential, low-cost. All transactions within the platform will be carried out using the internal CPT token.

The idea of the platform is unique, there are no analogues. A team of professionals and experts with extensive experience in the field of container transportation and blockchain technology works on the project.

ICO terms: 14.05. 2018 - 14.06.2018
Types of tokens - CCC and CPT
Standard - ERC 20
The total number of issued tokens - 50 000 000 CCC
Token price = $ 0.62 USD
Payment method: ETH, BTC, FIAT
Hard cap: 40,000,000 CCC ($ 24 800 000)

Token distribution:
70% - public sale
10% - pre-sale
10% - consultants, media and partners
10 % - founder
5% - ICO bonus

Thak you for attention!

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Thank you for the detailed description of the project.


Glad you liked it! I can always tell a lot about the project if it is interesting.

I've already read about this project.I think there are already such ideas.


Maybe, there are many projects, but many of them are the scam.

Support from the state fund reinforces my faith in this project


That's a powerful argument!

Their product will definitely be in demand.


I think so!

Thank you for interesting content articles


Thanks for your comment!

Great article!


Thank you!

Blockchain in the field of cargo transportation will show itself well.


It's relevant!

I didn't know about the existence of travelers on cargo ships! Wow!


Yes, there are so many things in the world that we don't know!)