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This is a situation that occurs quite often. Customers leave their Bank card details when shopping online and the next day they find empty accounts. This is just one example of digital fraud.

Today, I'm going to show you how you can create the perfect protection for your personal data, using the Essentia project.
This is one of the newest projects created to protect your data from intruders. This is a decentralized platform, access to which you can get from any device and regardless of your location.
The platform is based on two main components:
Essences and Synergies. The first component includes platform members, and the second concept is a link that allows users to interact with each other.
Thanks to the ESS-ID tool, the user can load any information into his cell, as well as delete it, change, save, transfer it to another user.In order to use the platform on a full scale and use all its functions and features, the user needs to purchase ESS tokens. Tokens can be purchased at a discount during the ICO (it is still in progress), get free, participate in the bounty campaign or buy in the normal mode after they are sold on the exchange.
The peculiarity of the platform is that all your personal data is safe and confidential. And at any time, you can transfer it to another person, too, safely.
For example, to buy tickets or make a purchase in the online store or send any other personal data to a third party or company. In your cell on the platform you can store passwords, accounts and any other confidential information. Thanks to the decentralized blockchain system, this information will be available only for you.

The funds raised with the ICO will be distributed as follows:

56,5% - development
16,0% - marketing
8,9% - business projects
4,0% - legal support
5,8% - management
8,8% - other expenses.

Use the platform as I will use it and be sure of your safety!

Thank you for your attention!

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I like this project, it should reach hard cap.

Great solution to the problem. I support this project.

An interesting topic, I have something to think about.

In my opinion, this is a safe and reliable project.

The project is a promising and very interesting

I am glad that access is available from any device.