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A year ago, I couldn't even imagine what blockchain technology would be capable of. Today, I have already studied many projects built on blockchain technology and some of them have impressed me too much. This project is one of those about which I want to tell everyone and tell a lot, adding the words "You have to learn about it today, because this project will be the leader tomorrow."
The project, whose name is CardStack, is designed to create a cost-effective and sustainable open source software ecosystem. The centralized Internet market will become decentralized thanks to a unique set of tools. This is a great opportunity for users to use applications under one account with the possibility of combining the functionality of different applications. It will be a single platform similar to the modern leading sites of the world, where the user will have access to applications and their payment from one account. For developers, the project is an excellent field of activity for the development of dApps.
Payment will be made by the user using a special CARD token. Developers will be able to set their price for different applications, both for private and corporate clients. Thanks to tally Protocol, the speed of transactions will be increased to several thousand per second. Developer rewards will be paid on the basis of smart contracts. And miners will perform an algorithm for the fair distribution of wealth. A total of 10 billion CARD tokens will be issued.
Cardstack is a platform that creates a new level of experience in using applications. It helps users to organize interaction between applications.
Thanks to the project, we are entering an era of mass acceptance of the decentralized Internet and the disclosure of its potential by all users. This is a huge leap into the future.

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Thanks for the review. We need to know everything about such projects. We live in this world and this is our future.

Great idea with a single app platform. It's convenient.

Blockchain technology is capable of many things. And this is a worthy example.

I'm Joining. Great project.