“Swipe right, meet the Tinder of Services” Jed Grant talks about Peer Mountain with BABE

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Check out Peer Mountain CEO Jed Grant’s interview on the BABE: Bitcoin and Blockchain Evolution Podcast, where he speaks with hosts Sarah Herring and Matt Davio about the decentralized trust ecosystem’s ability to enable blockchain commerce, and its value to people and businesses.

Jed covers a lot of ground in the 23-minute interview, providing insights into:

  • what distinguishes Peer Mountain from pure self-sovereign identity solutions

  • the patent-pending Peerchain protocol that gives enterprises blockchain scalability and compliant cross-chain capabilities

  • the Peer Mountain Token’s role as the ecosystem’s measure of value

Jed also provides an update on the upcoming Peer Mountain Token sale, and talks about the transparent and egalitarian process that makes it exceptional in today’s cryptocurrency market.


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